More Bargain Bag Questions

  1. Hi All,
    I have another bargain bag ( I paid a lot more for this one than my other thrift store bags...$15.00!). I showed a pic of it last week with the name of the bag, which I guess no one had ever heard of. I am posting a couple more picture in the hopes that someone can tell me what type of leather it is, inside and out. I really am a newbie and don't know squat! I appreciate the help!
    And has anyone heard of Inge Christopher? I bought 3 great leather bags by this company for just a coupla bucks each... I love woman that buy a bag, use it for a week or a month and then get rid of it! It makes for such a nice assortment of treasures at the thrift shop!
    100_1772.jpg 100_1773.jpg 100_1774.jpg
  2. Thanks Passerby