More Balenciaga on Bluefly!

  1. 3 ring bags in various colors (grey, black, and sienna) and the suede tote w/ the large stitched script "B" which is featured on Balenciaga's website.

    Here's the link.
  2. Nice but it's a bit pricey for a ring bag. I thought they were on sale in certain dept stores not too long ago?
  3. black and gray toilet cases this morning too!
  4. Yeah, they were on sale for less at NM, I believe. SF might still have some.
  5. Are you kidding me on the 'Ring' bag!??!?!! I just got the same one at Barneys NY for $449!!!!!!

    Mine is the Black/Brown Camel Leather combination! The only problem with these bags is that they are WICKED-heavy (without anything inside of them!). So, while they have TONS of room, once you start "loading" it up ... you better be prepared to carry around a bottle of Advil/Aleve for those aching muscles at the end of the day!! Then again ... good way to build up those arm muscles :p !!
  6. first, wanted to say hello because i'm pretty new here to the forum :smile:...and also wanted to add that there were still some ring, lock and whistle bags on sale at the NM in Tysons when i was in town there last week...
  7. woah! thanks for the warning! i was about to bid on one on eBay - starting bid >$500.

    question for you: is it irritating to have to remove the over-the-top strap every time you open the bag?

    wow - bluefly says it weighs 5 pounds. lordy, that's heavy :wtf:
  8. Any idea on the pricing?
  9. hi monsoon88! sorry, i don't have the prices, but they were still 25% off (as they were during the holidays) when i was sister got a small black whistle under $700 a few weeks ago, but from reading the other posts on NM, it looks like they are down to $520 now! hope that helps give you an idea...