More Balenciaga on Bluefly

  1. isn't it a little but overpriced.
  2. Awk, I checked and now it's just the "infamous pink pants that nobody wants to buy"!! :lol:

    According to Aloha Rag, the mini coin purse is $285 and the long wallet is $505. Bluefly is kinda shady with their pricing sometimes so be careful.
  3. Does anyone know how much the City Medium usually lists for? I got a "purple" as they called it (it look like the magenta?) medium city from Bluefly last night (I think it's medium city--you're right--their descriptions and measurements are a little off). I figured, just hit the buttons and return it later if I don't want it because it's not going to sit there while I mull it over. But, does anyone know what the real list is on this? I think they had the list as $1430. Is that correct?
  4. Yikes ... $1430 for a Medium City Classique?!?!?!?! THAT'S WAY TOO MUCH!!

    The Medium City usually retails for around $1195! Was this a Pony Hair bag? The Pony Hair bags retail for more.
  5. No--It was the regular leather and they had it at 20% off and then I had another 10% off. So, the total was $1112 with NYC tax (ugh--$85) and shipping. Was that too much, do you think? It certainly wasn't the kind of discount they're claiming, though. Did I pay too much for a bag from 3 seasons ago?
  6. they're hard to come by, so as long as you like the color, i don't think it was too much.
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