More Bags or More Accessories?

  1. Which do you have more of? Bags or accessories?

    Which do you like more? Bags or accessories?

    I definetly have more accessories! It started out that I didn't want to buy them because I felt like it was taking away from the bag fund. But I found that they were a great way to get my LV fix in between major bag purchases.

    Now it's really weird....I'm going through my bags thinking of which ones I could get rid of....and I can see myself getting rid of all but 3 of them....and yet when I think of accessories...there is only 1 thing I'd let go of!
  2. Bags are accessories, Twiggers! :p Haha, don't worry, I know bags are classed differently here ;) I have more bags still. Even after I get the Sweet Flowers bandeau, I'll only have 5 LV accessories.
  3. I have more accessories than bags but I would like more bags to balance it out ;)
  4. Pochettes outnumbers others in my case.
    Are they considered bags or accessories??
  5. A lot of bags and few accessories. Would like to stock up on some more LV shoes in the near future.
  6. When you're on a ban they are accessories...otherwise I say a bag! LOL
  7. LOL, then I have more accessories!!
  8. I think i'm about tied maybe accessories is just ahead
  9. i have more bags; i don't think the number of accessories will ever match the number of bags :lol:, but i do want more accessories. i just don't know what kind of accessories to get
  10. ok, twiggers, you got me curious! which are the 3 bags you'd keep?

    I think that's great that you went through all your bags and are doing this. I see other women here who have done it and they seem more content w/ their collections when they are streamlined w/ around 5-10 bags. I know I've only got 2 more bags to go before I'll do the same. I don't want more than 6 everyday bags and 2 evening bags.

    I have 2 accessories and I don't use them at all. they are my mini papillons. I just keep them bec. they're cute. I wouldn't keep a bag I don't use though, that could be money for a bag I would use. I'm not an accessory person, so I wouldn't buy them, but that's just me, they are cute and I admire them when you guys get them.
  11. I have more bags, some of the accessories are almost the same price as a cute bag! However, I have to admit I am starting to get into accessories more too though :smile:
  12. I decided that I would keep the following:
    MC Speedy: This was the bag that drew me into LV...and I got a great deal on it and I KNOW I would regret selling it!

    Stephen: Just in love with it....great versatile!

    Cherry Blossom papillon: lusted after it forever! Finally got it....and not ready to let go of it!

    Everything else could go! And slowly it will! I'm going to go through my accessories too!
  13. Bags~ I have 8 large bags, 1 sophie (consider that in between) and zippy, koala agenda, 2 key chains, make-up pouch and a keepall 55 w/ strap.

    I sold most of my accessories and kept what I need:graucho:
    same w/ the bags (I whittled them too):smile:
    lv07summercollection 001.jpg
  14. A few months ago I would never have considered buying a lot of accessories when I could have a bag instead. However, now that I am happy with the variety of my bag collection ((5 in total) I am starting to want more accessories. I currently have the groom agenda (love it!), two cles, and I just ordered the etoile bandeau. I really want a wallet and then I am done (I think).

    The weird thing is there is no LV bag right now that I feel I have to have. ??
  15. I love the accesories!!! I was into them befre the bags, I love what is inside of my bag as much as the bag itself. Plus love the scarfs and keychains, it is a whole look.