More bags from NM, including the Rock-n-Chain!!!

  1. Here are some more pictures that Lisa Hamlin from NM in Troy, MI sent me! Call her if you are interested (248) 635-8442. Enjoy!

    Rock-n-Chain Collection (Black or White) $1975 :heart:
    Soft Handle Collection (Black or White) $1995
    Soft-n-Chain Pouchette (Black or White) $950 I think I need one of these:graucho:
    Gold Chanel $1675
    P4180017.JPG P4180018.JPG P4180019.JPG P4180020.JPG P4180021.JPG
  2. Yep, I have to get this:
  3. Ok, more pics! Enjoy!:nuts:
    P4180022.JPG P4180023.JPG P4180024.JPG
  4. For what it's worth, this bag looks really different in black IMO. It is really hot IRL!
  5. I love that little pouchette. do you know if she has this in black?
  6. Yes! She does!:nuts:
  7. The gold bag is really interesting- I love the color. Thanks for posting!
  8. The pouchette is sooo cute!
  9. Is that rock and chain the same bag that Jill has? Looks a little different when its super inflated :p
  10. ^THAT is the SMALL rock and chain..Its hand held only(VERY SMALL IRL)
    Mine is 2350.

    That small soft chain pochette is TDF..I have it in black and I freakin LOVE IT!
  11. OMG! You do! I am dying for that bag right now Jill! Which color do you like best- black or white:confused1:
  12. oh Jill.. after looking at your pics.. im so rock and chain enabled :sweatdrop::sweatdrop: shall i get it...shall i not? ugh.
  13. I have the black pochette too! :love: and i love it! its not as small as it looks imo.. :love: And the leather is TDF!! plus there is the cute little charm :tender:
  14. what kind of leather is pochette?
  15. I like the soft handle one!