more bag charms -- HOLLYWOOD KEY HOLDER -- so cute!!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. How cute is that
    hollywood charm.jpg
  2. Very cute!!! Im not a bag charm kind of gal...but it looks great on that bag!!! (LOVE that bag IRL)
  3. LOVE the charm!!!:nuts: I wonder if they would have it in one of Toronto stores?!:graucho:
  4. That's adorable! I really love the bag too. I can't justify almost $300.00 for a charm though. I did just buy the juicy palm tree charm though for my Damier Speedy!
  5. cute. and it looks just gorgeous on the bag:love:
  6. wow! that's lovely!
  7. Very cute!
  8. Cute but not for that price - I'll stick with Juicy - cheaper, more variety and colourfull.
  9. I agree very cute. I'm sure you could find out for us *wink*
  10. Can you post pic's of it?
  11. So classy and cute!
  12. It is cute, but there are other things that I could spend the $270 on, LOL.
  13. I saw this in Venice store, it's too cute IRL!! and quite big too!
  14. vey cute! I like that one much better than the camcorder sunglass keychain, thanks for sharing!
  15. It's very cute...but $270 is a little high IMO..I could almost buy a Groom agenda for that price!
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