More Baby Animals...earrings and pin!!!! PIX

  1. I got a package in todays mail from's seems Hawaii always has what I want, they had to ship it to me!!!! Sorry for the crappy pix, these were to photograph!!!


  2. :love: So cute.. I LOVE IT!!!
  3. LOVE those earrings..oooh!wait till Selena sees them..rofl
  4. Awww!! Dawn, those are way too cute for words! the earrings are so darling and the bunny is my fave!
  5. omg! love the butterflies!!!!!!
  6. Adorable!!!
  7. I love the baby animals. They are so cute. Congrats!
  8. I love the bunny! I just got the pink baby animals diaper bag, I love this line!
  9. Congrats! I got the baby animals bracelet and i LOVE it
  10. Lamb, you have the BEST Chanel jewelry collection!!!! DROOLING! :drool:
  11. Congrats Dawn! I love the earrings!
  12. wow, what a great collection you are accumulating! Now my question is, how many pieces will you wear at once?
  13. ...
  14. ahh soo cute! i saw the butterfly earrings in the book...i love them!! and the THE best baby animal!

  15. This is a good question!!!! I want to wear them all......but that might be overkill :shame:

    Thanks everyone!!!!! I just love this Baby Animals line......I want to see the flap in person - I may have to get it!!!