More authentic Chloe on Bluefly!

  1. Okay, there's more Chloe on Bluefly, for those of you, like me, that have gotten the REAL thing on Bluefly!:heart: They have another whiskey US Shopper on there this am:yahoo: Paddys in taupe metallic, creme, black, some ediths and tracys as well...good luck. Let us know what you find!:graucho:
  2. I saw all of those too and I need to stop thinking about the large black Paddy Bluefly has. You have one Beanie - do you not? Lot of posters complain about the size but I have no problems with a large bag - as long as it is not a suitcase. Are there any pics of somebody wearing one?
  3. I love the large size, but I am 5'8" so maybe it's because I'm tall. I have the large classic style in the black from '05 and the dimensions are 20x10. I don't wear this one very much to be totally honest.:p I would though, if I didn't have the large US Shopper in black and the big zippy bowler in the black as well.:nuts: I use the medium paddys more for evening, or when I want to carry a smaller bag, like if I'm going to a restaurant and I know there won't be a good spot for it:graucho: (those are "small" for me.)
    The large is a great travel size as well, plus you don't see too many of them. I am only hesitating to recommend it because I'm sure that they have changed the leather, (like they have for all of them) and I have NOT seen the newer ones IRL. At least with Bluefly, if you are not happy with it, you could return it, (don't take any tags off until you're sure!) Good luck!:heart:
  4. I, too, am tall - 6'. You reminded me about the large zippy bowler which I did see IRL and LOVED big time months ago. Maybe that will be a more practical one to hold out for. Unfortunately for me regular sized Paddies just look tiny and out of proportion. This kills me because they were what I fell in love with first and there are so many incredible colorways available. Occasionally Bluefly does have the large zippies available. Diabro does too - but I wonder if the leather will be stiffer?
  5. I have the black large zippy that Diabro has on now, and the leather is very nice! I have seen a few on eBay, but I am worried about authenticity since I haven't seen one in black from a seller I know. But the one on Diabro is real and it's about the same as what I paid on Bluefly for mine. Yes, mine was real from Bluefly...:yes: I don't think the large paddy on bluefly will be "too big" for you at all, since you are tall. :jammin: The zippy is more casual though, in my opinion. If you think you'd get more wear out of the classic style, then that may be the way to go. The ONE thing that you have to check is the color. Chloe was calling the dark grey "noir" for a while, and then when the true black came out, they called that "noir" too! :cursing: So when you see the color, "noir" you need to check if it's the dark grey or the true black...just a heads up, in case you didn't know about that Chloe quirk! :wlae:
  6. Hey guys, the whisky tote is probably the one I just returned. Although I do believe it was authentic it was pretty dog-eared--the leather was dinged in 3 places all the way through the color and the round leather circles (I am sure there is a proper name for them) were quite frayed.

    Strange that bluefly hasn't notified me that the return has arrived or credited back my account....
  7. beanie - thanks for the heads up on the black color issue. I had been worried about that very thing early on when I was stalking the zippies. Noir in grey would not be my thing. I would have to STILL continue my hunt for a large black purse.
  8. Of course I had already bought it on (BTW, Neimans has it described as the small, but it's the medium paddy) and I see that it's nicely discounted on Bluefly :cursing: but that's the way it goes! :shrugs: They also had one on but it's gone now. I think it's still on NAP though, if anyone wants to pay full price! :yes: I don't think it's odd that they have it on Bluefly, simply because they do buy overstock from wherever they can. I DO think it is authentic ..:supacool: