More Amore Questions

  1. So I see that finally has the LAmore print up for sale. And of course they only have certain styles. I'm getting really worried that I won't be able to get a corriere in this print. I've looked on eBay and everyone seems to be selling everything but that style.
    Do you know if they're discontinuing it (like the Bella Bella?) Should I wait longer?
    Now I'm waffling between a stellina and a Campeggio. Does the camp.. make a good shoulder bag? I'm trying to stay away from across the body bags. PLUS I'm not sure if a stellina could hold all the stuff I usually carry. My favorite is a Mamma Mia and that holds everything perfectly.
    Does the Campeggio loose it's shape or sag as it holds stuff and is on your arm?
    Any ideas? THANKS!!
  2. the campeggio holds its shape up nicely but its suuuuuchhhh a big messanger bag...i took a picture of myself with it and i feel so small! lolz...stellina might be a better size for you....
  3. I agree, my campeggio is my everyday bag and it does hold its shape well (i wear it across my chest tho). I also have a stellina but it's too small to hold all my stuff .. apparently i pack A LOT of stuff into my bag and i didn't realize it until i tried switching from one bag to another.
    What does a bella bella look like? I have a bella .. is the bella bella bigger or smaller than that?
  4. Is it posted somewhere?

    I am considering a campeggio becuase my stellina seems so small. But the campeggio is not that much smaller (according to the measurements) than my cucciolo and it's HUGE, defintely not a "I think I'll go shopiing now and carry this bag" kind of bag but more an "I'm going somewhere for the day and need to take a boatload of junk with me" type bag. Just wondering how the Campeggio fits in. Will I feel like I'm carrying a suitcase or a purse? I'm quite comfortable with my zucca, BV etc so I dont' mind a bigger bag.
  5. The campeggio can be worn on the shoulder or across the body. It is a big bag though. I find that depending on what you put in it, it might sag at times.

    The bella bella is a slightly bigger version of the bella. I guess it was discontinued after the playground print.
  6. Yes the campeggio is a big bag. When I first saw it in the store i put it on and looked in the mirror and I thought it was HUGE. But since then I've adjusted to it and when I look in the mirror now I don't think it looks that big (i'm only 5'1"). So I don't think you'd feel like you were carrying around a suitcase.
  7. I wonder if it will make a good school bag? Can the campeggio hold textbooks anyone?
  8. I have a campeggio and it is huge. I agree with DreamsofToki, it is not an everyday bag. The campeggio tends to sag. So, what I did was cut out a cardboard about as high as the campeggio and put it in the inside pocket. It should keep the shape very well.
  9. It will sag with something as heavy as books. I don't recommend it.
  10. Thanks. I'm glad I didn't waste money doing that. I'd rather not get a bag for school and have it be sagging. This is good 'cause then I can use that money elsewhere.:rolleyes:
  11. If you don't want a cross-body type bag then you might not want a corriere. I own one & am thinking it is intended as cross-body, it fits just perfect that way.
  12. Ok DreamsofToki here it is n for anyone else

    here's the pix of it on..i'm 5'1" for reference...
    it still has the tissue paper inside check out all the amores laying around...ahhh i'm obsessed...! lolz...
  13. Awe! Bubblesung your adorable...and I'm WAY jealouse of all your amore's!!!!!!!!!
  14. They have the Amore corriere at the Ala Moana LeSportsac in Hawaii... I saw it there earlier today.
  15. wow i'm curious as to how an amore looks on corriere! i kinda wanted that bag...but its a pretty big bag! someone take a pix of it!