more amore in ny!

  1. so my friend & i went shopping today where we live, which is right outside NYC - we hit bloomingdales & macys and BOTH had AMORE IN! the salesgirl at bloomies told us they had just got amore in LAST NITE! so we lucked out! i didnt buy anything there though because they didn't have stellinas or giocos, which was what I wanted but they did have:

    1 portatelefono
    1 dolce
    1 canguro
    1 ciao
    1 ciao ciao
    1 buon viaggio
    1 scuola
    1 denaro
    1 bella

    they only had out what they got in, which wasnt a lot which was disappointing, but that was their first shipment so hopefully there will be more! :smile:

    Then at Macys... MUCH BETTER!

    not 1, not 2 but 3 GIOCOS! and 3 STELLINAS! :yahoo:
    i was debating the prints for like, 15 minutes but then gave up and decided to just wait because my friend has a friends & family discount at bloomies next week so ill see if they have them at the one in soho near her job and get it then. (plus my friend will be able to find a better print placement for me than asking a SA over the phone!) :wlae:

    They also had 2 dolces, 2 campeggios & 2 BVs and that was it.

    just thought I'd share! (in case anyone is thinking about chargesend - the macys is in the galleria mall in white plains, ny; bloomingdales also in white plains)b
  2. I thought the Friends and Family discount was at Macy's not Bloomies?

    I HOPE it is Macy's since the Bloomies here doesn't carry any toki.
  3. I know that at my mall theres the friends and family at macys then Nordstroms going on sale because a bloomies is opening! weeeeee fun shopping ahead :nuts:
  4. Bloomie's is having their Friends & Family sale this week; I think Macys is next week.