more advice on a new bag

Sep 28, 2006
hi ladies
i'm in need of more help with buying my first relatively expensive bag. i made a post a while ago about wanting a botkier bianca. well i've now fallen in love with the botkier sasha duffle in black. i held it in neiman marcus and its beautiful! what i love most about it is its slouchy and has the dual handles (the structured handles and the shoulder strap). it's really pricey ($695) and my price range is more in the $500 range, and if i do decide to get it i'm hoping i can find a really good 20 or 30% coupon code online somehwere.
anyway, enough rambling..
i'm a student and would be taking the bag to school, i wouldn't be throwing it around but i can only baby it to a degree.
i'd like to know your opinions on how well this bag will hold up with a lot of use.

and also if there are any bags similar (dual handles, slouchy) that might be a little less that i would love just as much!

ok that was a lot. thanks so much in advance and i hope all of that made sense!



Feb 17, 2006
Do you like the look of the Elaine Turner Hunter? Looks lovely online. 14" x 13" x 5". Costs $467.50

This is a review on another of her bags:

Date Posted: May 16, 2007
Reviewed By: Anonymous Customer from Golden, CO

"Words cannot express how gorgeous this bag is. I am a purse collector, have loads of bags, even some that would be considered highest end (Gucci); this bag has moved to the top of my favorites list, ahead of my Gucci bags. It is simply stunning, very well made, great organizational features, with the pockets. The bag strap is long enough to go over your shoulder, the color is a gorgeous teal blue. HIGHLY recommend this bag and this designer. I look forward to purchasing more of her product."

This is the Junior Drake Claudette:



Nov 25, 2006
JcMadison has lovely bags (including Botkier and Bulga) that can be gotten within your price range by using 'luckymag' at checkout for 25% off. I didn't see the Botkier Sasha Duffle, but they do have the Botkier Sasha Satchel in black for $615, discounted to $461.25 after the code has been applied. There is also the Bulga Double Pocket Satchel in Mustang for $638 which you can get for $478.50 after the 25% off.

Another site you might be interested in checking out would be Luna Boston, which has a 20% off right now with the code 'grechen'. Hope this helps!