MORE added - April 1st increase

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to inform everyone that I received a phone call from CHANEL and they told me that prices for the classic flaps are NOT going to increase UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2007. He did not know how much they are going to increase.

    However, he was giving me a different price for the medium classic flaps. I told him I just bought one last week and it was $1,995. He said that no, the medium classic flap in caviar is $1,795.

    I bought mine at Saks. Have I been duped? :sad:
  2. The mediums are $1995 right now. Maybe he was thinking of the small?
  3. Well, that's some good news about the flaps in light of the crazy increases... at least we have a few more months to save :p
    No, I don't think you were duped - he probably got the flaps mixed up.
  4. I think its quite possible that the boutiques sell for less than the department stores. department stores seem to mark everything up. My 2 chloes I got at Nordstrom were a couple hundred dollars more than the boutique. and the fendi I just bought at the boutique was less than if I got it at Niemans.
  5. See, I know some SA's never use the word "small", it's Medium for $1,795, Large for $1,995, and then Jumbo (can't remember price) in caviar. When I just bought my E/W in NY this month the SA called what I thought was small caviar @$1,795 the "medium" and proceded to say they don't have a small or use the term small????IDK????
  6. I thought they put the prices up only about two months ago?!
  7. Here's something else to chew on regarding department store versus boutique. When the price increase occurred, the boutique seemed to apply the increase to the new merchandise just received. The stock they had prior to the increase was/is available at the old price. I'm betting the dept. stores the prices occurred whether or not they'd be sitting on the stock prior to the increase.
  8. Thanks for the info, that's very reassuring since it gives me more time to work on DH!! ;)
  9. o...thanks for the great news...more time to save for my bags
  10. I spoke to my SA and she assured me that the only items that will be increased on April 1st are the watches. Im not sure if this was discussed already but just in case, I thought I'd post it.:smile:
  11. I spoke with bloomingdales, nyc, and they haven't heard anything.
  12. I called Chanel 800 this afternoon and asked about the price increase. The guy said they got a lot of phone calls recently, but he is definitely sure the GST will not increase price on April 1.
  13. Hmmm, that's strange. My SA said the increase at Saks will go into affect on April 4th. She even mentioned that the PST, GST and Medallion Tote will have an increase.
    Who to believe????? I guess we'll know for sure by April 4th.

    I'm also wondering, do they not want to tell us purposely, so the word won't get out and people will end up paying the increased price because that's kind of what happened with the last increase, most SAs didn't confirm until a couple of days before the increase.
  14. My sales in Chanel boutique ..they didnt hear anything too....Maybe it was just SAKS increasing?
  15. Thank god.