Morant modelling photos?

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  1. Can anybody share? :smile: I tried the search tool didn't come up with anything. I figured I'd get it for evening things, it seems small in stock photos.

  2. There should be some in the guts post, and the lamb collection pics.
  3. I saw those :smile: I was hoping for something where it's being carried.
  4. gotcha. It's a super cute bag you should definitely get one! It's like a mini mandeville. If I didn't feel so sick right now I wouldn't mind taking a picture with mine.
  5. I was actually wondering the same thing. I've been thinking about starting a search for a saddle morant, but i dunno if it's too small. I tried one on at NR a while ago and wasn't sure..
  6. I have three Morants...Saddle, Rasta and Cheetah. Although I might be getting rid of the Saddle but only because I have so many LAMBs. But anyhoo, I love the Morant because it holds a ton while still remaining small and light. I'm pretty sure I did a guts post of the morant and someone else did too...

    I don't have any modeling pics...maybe I can take a few tonight or tomorrow when I have more time. But I really like the size and highly recommend it.
  7. Please? :smile: thanks!
  8. Taking them now, tuna.
  9. Okay, you aren't allowed to laugh at my outfit. It's been a long day, I just got finished working out and taking a shower and my boyfriend's flannel pajama pants were within arms reach. :P

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  10. Oh I actually love that look. Reminds me of days of lounging in the house eating popcorn or hot chocolate while watching a movie marathon.... I have my finals so yeah...

    About the bag, actually looks a decent size! If anything I'd be worrying now about getting in/out of it. I saw a Cheetah Morant at my Off 5th today so..yay! Must get it soon with my coupon- I'd share it but it does indicate clearly that it'll work for one time only.\

    Thanks again!! :smile:
  11. VVV and I both have guts posts on the Morant and you can see we both fit a ton in that little bag!! I'd defnitely recommend it!! And I think the Cheetah Morant is just perfect...when it comes to the Morant I like Cheetah the best.