Moral of the story - always get the bag you wanted in the first place!

  1. To make a VERY long and drawn out story short, I have returned back my last chocolate brown bag. I started w/the Hamptons Stripe Hobo, then traded that for the Legacy Shoulder bag, then exchanged that for the Bleeker Large Flap. I found something wrong with each of these beautiful bags, because they weren't the Chocolate Brown Signature Leigh, which is what I really really wanted to begin with. Well she is finally on her way to me!!! :yahoo: I felt so bad because of all of the exchanges with these bags, but the SA was totally understanding - she said "we just want you to be happy!" And come next week I will be, the end. The only up-side was that every time I exchanged a bag, I wound up purchasing accessories to go with each bag, so I had a pretty hefty store credit and got the Leigh, the Legacy wristlet and Legacy ponytail scarf. I'll figure out a wallet next month!
  2. I know what you mean, putting off the inevitable! lol So goes the saying "Don't give up what you want most for what you want now" Make sure you post pics when you get her!!! :tup:
  3. I agree. My boyfriend is saying I should save up for the Speedy I want, even though I sometimes say "nooo...maybe i'll wait". He's like "if you wait, you'll regret it!"

    Glad to hear you got what you wanted!
  4. I know what you mean! I don't know how many times I've purchased a bag only to return it because, even though it was a great deal, it really wasn't the one I wanted. I just got my dream carryall, and I'm so excited about it. When you know what you love, just save up until you get it. Good for you and congrats. Please make sure to post pics!
  5. You are so right! Congrats on getting your heart's desire!
  6. Thanks guys!! I'm already trying to track her on the website!!! (getting some stupid error message - arrgh...)
  7. You sound like me, my husband is so sick and tired of me returning everything I buy. I started off with the choco medium sig Carly and exchaged that for the Brown Sig Legacy Shoulder bag and now I'm finally happy. Good for you, get what makes you happy!!!
  8. I'm so glad you're getting what you really wanted! Sometimes it's hard to know what you really want or we talk ourselves out of it for reasons like cost etc. But our hearts know, we should listen to them! Congratulations!
  9. I can totally relate! I just went through this with a search for the perfect wallet. I had a Hamptons French Purse in black, and thought another would be great, so ordered it in Khaki (I'm still asking myself why I did this -I don't like the Khaki print), then found a leather wallet at the outlet but when I tested it at home, I found I kept opening it upside down and stuff was going to fall out, then another signature black wallet, and none of them were the Chelsea Black Signature Accordion Zip. This is the perfect wallet - holds everything I need! I finally broke down and ordered what I really wanted (and just in time! Only about 50 left!), and now, I have to take back THREE wallets that just don't work!
  10. I know...I went through the smae thing this month. Nothing was exactly right and I just kept coming back to the store...I ended up with a leigh tooo. I love it.
  11. I too seem to do this often. I think we all do. Sometimes a bag does not sit right or it is too heavy for me, that is true. But I know I get caught up with a brand new floorset. I have in my possession now two brown signature bags. The bleeker signature flap and the 10388 brown signature slim legacy flap. I got that on the PCE. I really do not need two brown signature bags, although they are both such very different styles. I am just going to wait until something strikes me that I have to have. All the bags are lovely, it is just according to what you love ..and if it means saving up for "the bag", they understand at Coach that we have to take them home and walk about with them for a bit to see. And if we left something at the store for it was "our love" and too expensive, we should have it...that is it if we do not take away from anything we need to survive with..and of course make our DH's crazy. lol. You did fine. You knew what you wanted. Congrats!!! :tup:
  12. It's comforting to know that you ladies experience that too! I always feel hesitant to exchange stuff because of what the SAs might say. So most of the time, I mail my returns/exchange to the Coach returns department and just chalk up $8.00 Fedex fee.
  13. How long does this process take? If I return something, I usually take it to the store to get it handled right away but I always feel like I have to apologize for returning it! The SAs are usually very nice, though, and understand that we want to get the right bag for us.
  14. I totally agree, great advice! There's a reason you wanted it in the first place...I always regret when I let something go and then end up never finding it again :sad:
  15. mmm, yes i love chocolate brown! I'm eyeing the choc brown hobo!