Moral Dilema of the Day

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  1. I often here this on the radio a person calls in their dilema and the public have there say. I thought it would be fun to get your take on the dilemas. I'll keep adding them for feedback.

    Today's Dilema

    After a difficult time you & you SO call it a day and spilt up. A few days later you find his lottery ticket & it has won a substantial amount of money. Do you tell your SO or keep the ticket as your own??
  2. Well it depends why we split! lol.
  3. How substantial?
  4. I would take the ticket.
  5. It didn't give details on these points
  6. Depends on the reason for the break up--if our relationship just naturally dissolved, I would be more inclined to split the money than if he had cheated on me.
  7. hmm tell him, and PRAY he'll take you back for abit haha
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I'd like to think I'd give it back, but I'm not so sure...LOL
  9. I'd have to tell him. Keeping his money would be considered theft.
  10. If he had cheated or otherwise been an a*hole I wouldn't have given it back, if we were friends, I'd try to work something out concerning a split.
  11. If we ended on good terms, then I'd split it with him. If not, then it's all mine! :p
  12. Well, since I married I get half anyway. I would give him the ticket and get my half! :yahoo:
  13. If he completely forgot about the ticket, I would keep the cash. If he remembered it, I'd cash it in and give him half.
  14. I heard a story about a married couple who bought a lottery ticket together. The ticket wound up winning big, so the woman filed for divorce and didn't tell the husband about the win. The judge found that out and awarded the winnings to the husband.
  15. I would tell him. Bad karma is not a fun thing.