Mor bath and body products

  1. Hello. Has anybody tried the bath and body products by Mor? In particular, I was interested in the Peony flower line. What do you think of this scent and this line in general?
  2. I have tried their body wash & body cream/butter? and both were good quality. One scent I tried was fig something and the other was olive something. I liked both a lot.
  3. I love this line - the bubble bath is the absolute best!! I think my fav was lemoncello scented - It's really hard to find, I know they have a great online store though...
  4. I love this line also. My favorite MOR scent is Sorbet, it smells soo nice. It makes me feel like I'm on vacation. I had stopped wearing perfume for about 3 years (I was wearing body sprays and body lotions). And this made me go back to perfume along with the Sorbet body butter. I bought this at Anthropology. I wish their products were more readily available.