Moonstarr's Collection

  1. Hi everyone. Fairly new to posting here, but I've been so excited to show off my small collection. :smile: My recent purchase (yesterday!) was the Balenciaga Twiggy in Marine. :heart: I think this new bag is my favourite of them all, followed by the Chanel patent black on black Cambon Bowling and the Louis Vuitton Popincourt. The Popincourt was my first designer bag purchase which started it all (once you start .. it's hard to stop!). Next on my wish list is possibly another Balenciaga. I think of all the bags, this one seems most like "me", although I love them all.

  2. Nice the Chanel!
  3. ooo i LOVE the chanel! and the color on the balenciaga is gorgeous!
  4. Welcome! I especially like the Chanels and the LVs!
  5. ohhh prettyy chanels!!!
  6. Nice collection!! Love your Chanels!!
  7. I love the coach legacy. Very pretty, and I think your collection is plentiful
  8. i love your cambon pieces!
  9. fabulous collection!
  10. Your chanel are so pretty!
  11. Oh I love your collection.I am drooling over the cambons!
  12. Lovely collection, thanks for sharing all your beauties!
  13. Thank you! Now instead of another Balenciaga (which I'd still love to get down the road), I have my heart set on a LV Cerise Speedy ... oh, how I want it! If I luck out, I'll be sure to post a new "family" picture. :smile:
  14. Love your bags, especialllllly the twiggy! Thanks for sharing
  15. Beautiful bags. I am always tempted by the coach patchwork bags...haven't taken the plunge yet though.