1. Hey vampire lovers! Moonlight seems promising with the hunky star Alex O'Loughlin and Logan (Jason Dohring) from Veronica Mars in it! It's got mystery and crime-solving... :graucho:
  2. i like it! he's SO dreamy and sexy :graucho: the 1st episode was pretty good so i'm tivo'ing the series!
  3. I caught the first half hour of it on Friday. Pretty good, i must say.
  4. Has anyone been following this show more recently? It's becoming such a guilty pleasure for me!
  5. I absolutely love this show! I have all the episodes on my iPod Touch.

    I can't stop watching Episode 6 B.C. That shower seen was the BEST NON-SEX SEX scene I have ever seen!:woohoo::blush::drool:

    Sh!t, I even bought the damn dress she was wearing!
  6. many times have you watched that shower scene?

    And, I also have all the episodes on my iTouch.
  7. ^Tons of times. I'm constantly watching all the episodes throughout the day. How did you like The Ringer? I felt bad for Beth.
  8. Okay I caught the first episode of Moonlight this Friday and I LOVE it. The main actor is super foxy! I guess I need to catch up with the rest of the epis!
  9. ^I'm so glad you liked it. You can get previous episodes off the cbs website, but they run super slow, or iTunes and

    As for Alex. He is super hot! I made a collage for my desktop wallpaper that I'll share with you.
    Moonlight Wallpaper.jpg

  10. OMG That's awesome!:tup: I made it my wallpaper too! LOL THANKS!
  11. ^ You're welcome!
  12. I've seen an episode or two and I like it also. It seems pretty well done so far. Plus, Mick is really cute... I am a sucker for those types of shows, i.e. Ghost Whisperer-ish things.
  13. You know, I thought "the Ringer" was kind of a step back. I think that it got a little cheesier (production quality) and I hate that the relationship aspect between Beth and Mick came to a bit of a halt after the momentum that was built in the last two eps. There were some great moments though - the part in her office when they are talking about Morgan and she touches his hand (and they both realize and awkwardly pull away), and Josepf was particularly funny in this ep. I'm wondering what's going to happen with "Morgan".
  14. I'm not happy that their relationship is on the back burner either, especially after all the "moments" they have shared.

    I really like that part where she touched his hand. Did you notice that they both shyed away from the touch, and that their knees were touching the entire time? That was cute.

    They have to be doing this for a reason. Coraline/Morgan is after Beth and she is going to be the wedge between Mick and Beth.
  15. I adore this show..Its my new favorite.The two main characters have SUCH hot chemistry on screen!LOL!