Moonlight Bunny Ranch

  1. Hey, there was a thread about this "HBO Cathouse" but it was from 2006 so I didnt know if I should resurrect it or just start a new one?
    Anyway, can anyone tell me if they are still shooting this show? I saw the documentaries from like 2003 remembered being fascinated then but I just watched season 1 online this week and am sooo intrigued..entertained..dumbfounded..excited.. lol :p

    While watching I was like "dammit I know I KNOW that Isabella Soprano chick from somewhere.." its been driving me crazy all week and then I realized that I DID know her.. she was roomates with my friends ex boyfriend in New Hampshire!! She worked at the Bunny Ranch and did movies for a few years and then got out of the business. She has a son now and lives in New England. When I met her I had NO IDEA she did porn. Seriously..does anyone know what Im talking about?
  2. Haha! I was the one that posted the 2006 thread!

    I believe there was a second season. And I remember there being a Cathouse: The Musical. I haven't seen any of those yet, but I want to.

    I remember The Soup showing a clip from one of their newer episodes and it showed a girl on her way to a party dressed as a Stormtrooper.
  3. Oh gawd this show is a trip. I only catch reruns on HBO, I dont think I saw the full season. Can you link me to where it is? That Airforce Amy chick is a real nutjob.

    Actually her and Dennis were on Tyra a couple times. The last one was when that girl was going to auction her virginity off and Dennis was going to "host" it and take half her $$ LOL

    It is a very interesting show :nuts:
  4. I am totally intrigued by this show! Did you guys see the pregnant girl that works at the Bunny Ranch on the Tyra Banks Show a couple months ago? She posed nude in some magazine (not playboy but similar) and it caused a huge uproar. I was totally curious to see the magazine but was too embarrassed to walk into a store to buy a porn mag. :p

    I think I read online that Isabella Soprano "retired" but ocasionally goes to the BR to visit. If you go over to the BR website, they have a message board over there with the schedules of all the bunnies.
  5. It is interesting....yeah I saw that and I think it was disgusting for any "john" to be so turned on by using her ahhh services :nuts: while being preggers. It was so gross to me.

    Ya know what cracks me up soooo much is how Dennis goes on and on how classy the joint is and it is so outdated, 70's ish, fug, shagedelic, its anything BUT classy :lol:

    He said one April they grossed a million bucks....well ya think he could spruce up the joint a bit?

    He cracks me up :nuts:
  6. I really love this show. Its utterly fascinating in so many levels and I especially love that you can really see when people are spewing thier "hustle" and when they are being sincere. I really admire some of the girls for thier inhibition.. and I think truely that their attempts at "sex therapy" are really great. If only the rest of the country would legalize and regulate prostitution the way NV has.. there would be far less danger and tragedy in the business.
  7. Heres a link where you can watch the full 1st season online:

    not sure where to find the second..I was hoping someone would have a clue? :graucho::graucho:
  8. PS: Loves2buy luv yr dakota as jane avatar :smile: do you read she often has some great twi-hard gossip (although shes a little too snarky for me to love her..) lol
  9. ^Oh thanks for that link...I will have some fun watching the whole season. HBO only puts bits and pieces on, its never in order.

    I had to switch my Jane avatar to this new one of Rob. When I saw the trailer I had to snatch it and make that my avatar. I cant stop drooling over him LOL

    But yeah I love to watch the hustle too. It is so interesting how desperate these guys are for attention. Ya kinda feel bad for some. And it cracked me up when the mom brought her son in LOL. I wish this show was still on. It looks better than that Californication show.
  10. What do you think of Airforce Amy?? Is she on something?? Or do you think she is just a bit looney??

    She certainly does love her job....well until the one girl topped her in ahhhh sales :nuts: then Amy left LOL!!
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    Just out of curiosity, I checked iTunes to see if they had any episodes. They don't but Bunny Ranch's Max does a free cooking podcast.

    Ninjavideo has one episode of season 3.
  12. I am sure its too X rated for Itunes. Do they sell porn??
  13. No, they don't.

    Which, looking back on it, is probably why they didn't have it.
  14. Brand new episode airing Oct 22nd. It was done by the girls with a hand held camera :p I saw a preview for it during Dexter I think it was.

    4 more new epps next year too. Wonder why they dont make a regular series with like 8-10 episodes :shrugs: