Moon Charm owners - help me please?

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  1. I bought one off eBay and it came today. Never seen it in person at the store, so I had a few questions.

    1. On the coach hangtag (the tiny blue one), does it have "MADE IN CHINA" stamped on the back? (this seems off to me for some reason?)

    2. Between the gold and silver it a hard piece of white plastic?

  2. I don't know if this will help, but I purchased 2 charms. One at the outlet and one at the boutique. The outlet one had made in china stamped on the back. The boutique one does not.
  3. interesting.

    well - that totally blows my theory on trying to determine if this charm is legit or's super cute. if anything is wrong with it, i'd say the Coach stamp is slightly off center...but I like this that are "off" in life...makes them unique.

    thanks though!

    this is the one i bought...from the ebay auction:
  4. Was the charm cheaper at the outlet than at the regular store?

  5. I would say that your Moon Charm is authentic. It looks great from the picture. I recently bought 2 Coach charms from the retail store. I got the Scorpio charm and the Star charm. Both of these have "MADE IN CHINA" stamped on the back of the small Coach hangtag. Also, both of mine do have a hard piece of plastic/leather between the front and back leather designs. I wouldn't worry, I'm sure your moon charm is authentic. :yes:

  6. Yes they were 19.99 and now have an extra 20% off. They are $28 at the boutique.
  7. :wlae: :happydance:

    Thank you thank you thank you! Big virtual hug for you!

    Man...I got this for a GREAT deal then...19.49 for this on eBay. yes, you take a gamble on eBay...but sometimes you get some great deals.

    Thank you again so much!

  8. LOL You are more than welcome. I'm glad I could help! :yahoo:
  9. Your moon charm looks exactly like mine. (Which I got at the boutique.)
  10. Looks like mine too! Mine says "made in china" and has the white plastic between each side. I got mine at Macy's. Great deal! I paid full price for mine! EEEKK!! Oh, well, I had store credit and that's what I wanted! :rolleyes:
  11. ^^Yup and if it helps, the goldfish fobs a while back also had made in china stamped on them.
  12. ^^ Goldfishies!!! WAAAH!