Moogle's Collection

  1. Hi, I really discovered this forum about a month ago (december 2007) and have acquired these two lovers since:


    MJ Mayfair in Grey

    MBMJ Softy Zip Clutch in Poppy

    Hope to add more soon!
  2. Ooh I love the color of the Mayfair! It's a beautiful purse!
  3. Thank you! I'm glad my Thread is up!
  4. The Mayfair is fabulous!!!
  5. nice bags
  6. Great bags ... thanks for sharing!
  7. Love the MJ poppy clutch!
  8. Very nice- the clutch is hot!
  9. Love the Mayfair- the color is stunning!
  10. very nice
  11. Very nice!
  12. welcome to tpf, im sure your collectuon will grow now that you are on here.. teehee, both bags are lovely
  13. awesome bags.
  14. I LOVE your Mayfair! It's a great color!
  15. The poppy clutch is tdf, it goes so well with your Mayfair, fabulous bags :smile: