Moody Cats

  1. Are your cats ever like this?

    Moody Cats.jpg
  2. Well, if you irritate my Persian she can turn her head around like something from the movie the Exorcist. She has to be groomed frequently and hates it when I brush her back legs.
  3. Whoa... :wtf:
  4. :roflmfao: i like the SHOCKED cat :lol:
  5. Yes, you thought this post is just all fun and games. LOL! However, I do own a psychocat. When you aren't grooming her she is very affectionate! :smile:
  6. Love the mad cat. My kitty can get like that sometimes. Very cute(and funny) pics. They put a smile on my face.
  7. These pics are hysterical...I had no idea cats could cross their eyes...

    If they needed a picture for "psycho-never-stops-running-never-sleeps-cat" then I could submit a pic of my 2-year old Tucker! Talk about a nut!!
  8. what is the "creepy" cat doing ? So cute! I like the bored cat...she looks like the most friendly.
  9. My cats were usually chill.. hehe, although I wish they were shocked more often !
  10. My cat Louis can be a complete psycho when he's in a bad mood! (And that's mostly at the vet or when he's getting his nails clipped!)

    At the vet, he'll go from freaked out and shaking to hissing and swatting. His vet had to get the receptionist to hold onto the scruff of his neck so she could cut his nails.

    At home, cutting his nails was impossible because he would yowl, hiss and take swings at my dad. My dad finally had to wear suede gloves, or falconers' gloves' as I call them, and hold him very tightly while I do the clipping!

    I used to brush him and then I gave up. He's an indoor cat and he keeps his coat well-maintained. Before that, I would have to sneak up on him and brush him when he wasn't looking. He'll let me for a while but as soon as he got tired of it, he'd start batting furiously at the brush.
  11. LOL, very funny faces on thoses cats. I've seen the bad cats calendar....they are the scariest cats i've seen.
  12. Cute pics.. I like the bored one and the one with the crossed eyes, LOL.

    The bored one actually reminds me of a lil kitten I lost a while ago. I was so sad when he died, he was only with me a week but I bonded deeply with him. I remember my dog was very jealous at that time. He would growled at the lil kitten all the time.