"Mood swings" after new bag purchase

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  1. So I've never been the biggest fan of LV, nor did I ever think I'd spend $1000+ on a bag. But I saw pictures of the Louis Vuitton Mirage Speedy Noir bag and fell in love and finally bought it on Tradesy after much hesitation.

    I went from OMG I just spent over 1k on a bag to OMG I can't wait until it comes in the mail and back again over and over. I can't decide if I should be ashamed or proud of myself. This is my first huge purchase. Luckily I snagged it at a deal where I feel like I can at least recoup my money if I truly regret it later, but still, its a bizarre, somewhat sinking feeling mixed in with excitement.

    Just came here to share my thoughts and hear others because nobody in my life will understand or relate to this. I've already gotten scoffed at for a simple Michael Kors purchase and it wasn't even that expensive.

    By the way, what do you ladies think of Tradesy? I was under the impression all the bags are authenticated prior to being shipping but after more reading it seems that the way it works is if you suspect a fake, you ship it to them and they let you know their opinion. I just spent a lot of money so I do not want a fake. Should I just ship it to them right away just to be sure the bag is legit?

    For reference, here is a link to what I bought:
  2. !) Congrats, from the pictures looks in great condition!
    2) Great price for this LE bag!
    3) Enjoy it, don't feel guilty! At that price, once you get tired of it, you can always sell/consign. It is a wonderful bag.
  3. I am not familiar with tradesy. I have had these same feelings but they seem to go away in a couple of days. I hope you enjoy your new bag :smile:
  4. BEAUTIFUL bag. One of my all time favorites. I have had these feelings with some of my larger purchases. You will get over it after you wear and enjoy the purse. I have sold on Tradesy and it has been a pleasant experience. My LV items were always shipped directly to the buyer. Enjoy this beauty.
  5. You're entitled to spoil yourself if you wish, so don't worry about what other people would say. Don't let them spoil your enjoyment with your lovely bag. Just be selective who to discuss pricing with. It's your money and your business 😀

    Congrats and hope you have many many years of enjoyment with it.

    LVOE though is addictive 😜😍
  6. As a seller were you required to submit something to Tradesy to prove authenticity? The way they advertise their website makes it sound like you do but upon further research I think I might have been wrong in thinking that when I made the purchase. I'm just nervous I'll get the bag and it will be some huge scam. :sad:

    And thanks, I'm shocked this line wasn't expanded more, also shocked they never made a matching wallet but I think I'm just going to pick up a patent leather Hobo Lauren wallet (ladies if you have not seen those yet, check it out, its a must have).
  7. No I did not have to do anything to prove authenticity. I also sell on Poshmark. Any purchase over $500 is sent to be authenticated first and then sent to the buyer. On Tradesy the buyer has 4 days to approve their purchase. I would immediately have it authenticated. Hope this helps.
  8. That's a gorgeous bag. I'm pretty sure once it's in your hands and you can see and feel the beauty and quality of it you will be very happy xxx
  9. First off congrats on your bag. I have felt guilty about buying handbags but not really so much for monetary reasons. Please relax and enjoy your purchase. You bought it with your own money that you have earned so as long as you didn't put yourself in major debt all is ok.

    Also i am not familiar with Tradsey I never bought from that site before. What I do suggest is taking photos of the bag and having it authenticated either here or on a paid service or if you can send it to them to have it authenticated.
  10. Congrats on your bag! It's normal to have that feeling of uncertainty when you spend more than usual. It goes away. I felt that way when I bought my first LV and spent close to $1k. I got over it and have been spending much more without feeling guilt, remorse or uncertainty. Have your bag authenticated for your peace of mind, then enjoy it!
  11. Congrats! I felt that way with my first LV bag..but don't worry it goes away very quickly ;) It's a beautiful bag, enjoy!
  12. Sometimes I wish the feeling wouldn't go away; wait till you spend $3k on a bag then you'll think you really lost all semblance of reality!
  13. Congrats on your new bag. enjoy your bag & don't feel quilty. i have sold & bought on Tradesy before & I thinks it's a great site with equally great service. As a seller it was extremely easy before I could ship it I had to submit pics they needed as authentication. As a buyer I was able to send a email to the seller & had them give me additional pics of the bag to have it authenticated. If you have any worries call the customer service & they will help you out with any questions you may have.
  14. I feel like the regret will go away once you actually hold her and see the beautiful craftsmanship up close :smile: I'm also a firm believer that everyone deserves to be spoiled once in a while as long as it doesn't put you into debt.
    She's a gorgeous bag!!! And you should be able to enjoy her for long time!

  15. +1