Monty vs. Palermo PM vs. BH

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  1. I'm wanting to get a new bag in Vegas next week. Any thoughts on the Monty (PM or GM) vs. Palermo (I would definitely want PM) vs. BH?? BTW, I'm a SAHM in her late thirties if that would sway your decision one way or another. I am very average in height and weight. I currently have three LV bags: mini lin Noe, black epi Madeline PM, and a mono Speedy 30. TIA for your input!
  2. Monty!
  3. definitely the MONTY!
  4. Palermo PM ~ love how you can carry it by hand, crook of your arm or as a shouler bag. Also the zipper closure (not to mention the cute zipper pull) and the 3 pockets inside!
  5. Definitely the Monty!
  6. Palermo PM
  7. I love Palermo! I have BH and although it is a great bag and holds a lot, I find it a little too plain now
  8. Palermo. It would be different from your other styles.

    If you merge your 3 existing bags together, Noe + Madeline + Speedy = Monty.
  9. ^^ ha how you put everything together. I would say go with the monty for practically but if you want a change to what you have, I goto agree with maguese - PALERMO.

    I saw inside of PALERMO...very nice with lots of useful pockets ;)
  10. I'd say go for the Palermo for the same reasons above.
  11. Palermo PM is a perfect bag. As long as you don't have too many things stuffed in or else it'll be way too heavy.

    BH would be my 2nd choice cos it's roomy and good for work / casual. If you live in a high crime area, probably a monty GM would be a better choice.

    No offense, even though I love monty, my friends always refer to it as a Puma bag. (I guess due to how it's shaped)
  12. Very good point. I hadn't thought of it that way. I will say it would be nice to have an LV with a cell phone pocket! My other three do not have one. I think I'm leaning towards the Palermo PM. I'll have to see them in person, though. Thanks for the input!
  13. I'd go with the Monty.
  14. If u use it for work, definitely the BH or the BV (which i hv LOL). It holds its shape really well.