Monty PM or GM?? (Need modelling pics)

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  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    I am planning to get the Monty but I cannot decide on the size. I am 5'1" (petite) and here are the things that i usually carry:

    wallet (long)
    a book
    key holder
    2 cellphones
    nintendo ds
    car keys
    cosmetics case (for my makeup and stuff)
    ipod and earphones
    pill case
    and other small stuff.

    My friends keep telling me to get the GM (more bang for the buck) but I am concerned that it might be too big for me. Can anyone post modelling pics for reference? Especially those who got the GM but also are petite like me. Also, can those who purchased the PM post modelling pics as well?

    Thanks a lot! :smile:
  2. Hi Angelgo...I have the Monty GM and I'm 5'6'' looks just right for me. So, I think the GM will be too big for your petite size. You could go to the 'Monty Clubhouse thread' and will see lots of modeling pictures there. :smile:
  3. Check in the clubhouse. Plenty of model pics there.
  4. I'm 5'1" and I've got the Monty GM. It doesn't look strange for someone with a small frame and who is short. Well, at least for me it doesn't! I happen to like big bags too, and with my Monty GM I can fit just about everything :smile: I love it!

    I could show you some pics! But because my computer skills are not the greatest, I am having trouble re-sizing and uploading.

    Btw, I'm from the Philippines, seeing as your location is in Makati :tup:
  5. Please check the Monty Clubhouse here on TPF. There are tons of pictures. There's also a Pictures Only Reference Library but there will be A LOT of crawling through THAT, since the search feature has sadly disappeared (but not forever, I HOPE?????? :crybaby:)