Monty owners, need feedback/opinions

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  1. Im curious about the comfort of this bag.

    --Do the straps sit well on your shoulders or do they fall off like the ones on the BH, Cabas etc.?

    --Does the semi strucutured top gets squished by your arms when you carry it over your shoulders? It looks kinda snug.

    Unlike the flatter top of the BH and Galliera, the Monty is a bit thick and Im assuming that in time, the top part might lose its form from too much squishing.

    Hope Im making sense here LOL Opinions appreciated.
  2. To me, this bag is really comfortable! The straps sit well on my shoulders and don't fall off at all. The top doesn't get squished, but the entire bag gets a little squished by my arm, depending on how I carry it. When it is under my arm, it gets a little squished, but when I carry the bag towards the back and not under my arm, it doesn't get squished and I find that way more comfortable - am I making sense? :upsidedown: I'm thinking the BH straps are shorter than the Montys? Other TPFers, please correct me if I'm wrong! I'm referring to the GM size btw. Hope this kinda helps and not make you scratch your head wondering what the heck I'm talking about! :rolleyes:

  3. Totally agree! LOL! I have the Monty GM too and find it to be a VERY comfortable bag. And I completely understand yoru description for how to wear the bag comofortably!
  4. I understand what you're talking about:tup:. I figured that carrying the bag towards the back would be more comfortable.