Monty! Monty! Monty!

  1. I will get a pm within 3 hours...I can't believe it and it will be my first bag in 2008. Yesterday I called the store and the SA told me it's still sold out. I don't know why my instinct told me that I'm so getting the bag. I passed the LV boutique just 1 hour ago, and they just got 2 in the I was so excited and definitely said "I want it now", but I didn't bring my card with me. I will go back there to get the bag soon and I have my own SA in Taiwan now... Brb w/ pics. (ps. the name of Monty called by tpfer "Orodruin":graucho:)
  2. OOO How cool!
  3. pics r here!
    monty7.jpg monty6.jpg monty5.jpg monty4.jpg monty2.jpg
  4. a little bit more...
    monty3.jpg monty1.jpg
  5. Oh yay! Congrats
  6. What time is it there?
  7. congrats! such a nice bag!! :smile:
  8. 8: 55pm...but I post pics late though...i did get the bag around 6:00pm here.
  9. Absolutely beautiful! I want one sooo bad!! Congrats!
  10. oh wow i'm looking at the time and its like 4:05am when you started this post and 7am when you posted pic's ...

    Great bag, thanks for sharing. do you know if this going to be regular stock or this a LE item ?
  11. Just wondered. It's 7am here lol
  12. Congratulations.
  13. looks great on you, thanks for sharing the pics.
  14. lovely, congrats! I so want to see this bag IRL!
  15. congrats...on such a cute bag...