1. Does anyone have this bag? Does anyone use this bag for school?

    I haven't been successful in finding any pictures of this bad in use.

    Thanks for your help
  2. I don't think that this is my kind of bag , but as a backpack, this would be good :smile:
  3. I know that there are a couple members who have this bag...I don't personally, but do these pics help? (From


    Regular Montsouris aka Montsouris GM


    Moyen Montsouris


    Mini Montsouris

    The largest Montsouris would make a good school bag, I think. :yes:
  4. I'm sure it would make a great school bag, but I'm not a fan of backpacks, so it's not for me
  5. Cute bag, however I would like to get the Centinaire Soho and use it for school.
  6. I have a GM and while it may be big enough for some, it wouldn't have been big enough to hold all my books if I was still in school! I have heard others say they used it without any problem though -- but for me, I would hate to put it through the hard wear and tear of a school bag....when I think about how my past backpacks looked at the end of terms....(cry) I'd hate to see a Louis look like that! :smile:

    I can't image than anything smaller than the GM would hold many books though....
  7. Akeleirose I have the medium size one (GM) and I love it. I use it as my purse. The largest size would probably be good if your interested in using it for school. The largest size is pretty big. I've had my bag for 5 years and love it. It's comfortable on your shoulders. I cant speak for the larger one. The medium size has leather straps versus the larger one has nylon ( I think), not sure what the straps are made of. I hope this helps??


  8. I agree - I know LV is sturdy and well built but I know what kind of a beating my bags went through in school. I can't imagine doing that to a Louis. :push:
  9. My friend has the large one and uses it as a every day bag. She never uses it as a backpack but just carries the straps. It's nice. I think a purse organizer would help because it is just like the large noe style to me and everything kind of gets moved around.
  10. I just don't like back packs LVs or not. :push: :s
  11. I have the large one and I used it a few times when my baby was born. For school, it depends how many books you transport.
  12. i use to this in the larger size, recently sold on eBay. it was a great bag but not sure if it would work that well as a school backpack
  13. I have both the Montsouris MM and the GM. I love them both and use them when I need both of my hands free. I've used the GM as my carry on bag for short trips. The GM is fairly large. It would make a great (and great looking) school bag. The MM size is really more of a handbag size, which is what I generally use it for. Both backpacks are sturdy and built to last.
  14. I don't like backpacks- reminds me too much of school and I could not wait to get out!
  15. I have the Moyen (medium), never really used it, I found it hard to get in and out of. I imagine if heavy books were inside of it, the leather straps might become uncomfortable. I would recommend the larger size if getting an LV backpack for school.

    Will you be carrying a laptop?

    If it were me, I'd probably get a regular nylon backpack...then carry a LV Speedy or pochette along with me.

    Best wishes! I hope you find the bag that works best for you.