Montsouris GM Users...

  1. For those of you with the Montsouris GM backpacks...

    I'm considering getting one but haven't been able to get to LV... are the straps really long? I'm worried it won't lay flat against my back when I have stuff in it, and it looks like it can only be adjusted so far. Any pros/cons about this backpack, and does it fit A LOT? :smile:
  2. they are not THAT long....i used to use it as a diaper bag and used it non-stop for over a year or so!!! i loved it!
    it fits quite a bit.....
    i love the hands-free factor!
  3. I have wanted to get one too for when I am with my DH on his motorcycle. You should see me, I hang onto my LV bag for dear life and hold onto him with the other free hand! I am sure people think I am an IDIOT! LOL!
  4. I love my montsouris!! Its grea,t soo much room and the straps are adjustable so its not to bad.

    show 003.jpg

    show 004.jpg
  5. It fits a TON of stuff...
    and the straps do adjust...
  6. Mine was an impulsive purchase back in 2003 when I was on crutches :rolleyes:

    Never regretted it! I use it mostly as a "bag" in F/W (very comfy with a coat) but it's very uselful as well for travelling any time of the year.

    Thinking about using it as a diaper bag - if I ever manage to get pregnant.. :girlsigh:(only catching babydust ATM..)
    tPF_summer07.JPG DSCN3145.jpg
  7. It's a great bag, straps do adjust - I am 5'3" and the straps do adjust enough so the bag is flat on my back. I wouldn't say it holds as much as a "normal" sport backpack, but it certainly holds everything I have needed
    (purse stuff, sweater, bottle of water, book, other random assorted junk). Get it!
  8. I own the Montsouris and I love the big backpack. It holds a lot and will flush against your back in a fine manner. Go for it!

  9. I just thought I should add those pics so you can have a better idea..

    BTW I'm 5'35''.. FYI there are 5 holes on the vacchetta part of the strap and my buckles are on the 3rd ones (right at the middle)
    DSCN3057.JPG DSCN3058.JPG