Montsouris GM clean up?

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  1. Hiiiii, I've been looking at some vintage pre owned backpacks and the Montsouris GM has caught my eye, however! A lot of them look in good shape apart from the bottom large part of vachetta does anyone have any tips on if you can clean these bits up? And what would you clean it with? Is it even possible to get water marks off?

    Thanks :smile:

  2. Or does anyone have any pics of ones they have cleaned up? Xx
  3. My Petit Noe was worse than that and it cleaned up beautifully. I used warm water which took care of most of it. Magic Eraser worked on some of the more stubborn spots. I even used Clorox Clean Up with bleach on something really tough. Warm water on a soft cloth should take care of that.
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  4. Aww thanks that makes me feel tonnes better, there's one I've seen that's twice the price of these ones but I think I'm sure I could clean them up and make them look decent xx