Montsouris Backpack owners..Please help!

  1. I Purchased a Montsouris Backpack some time ago from a mypoupette seller. It was described as a MINI Montsouris..but in looking at pictures of a mini on eBay...mine looks different. Does anyone know if the Mini came without the leather handle on the back?

    Here's the auction on eBay..that shows the leather handle...and also a picture of mine without the handle...I'm wondering if I have the larger size (it looks like the larger one from the back..but when I do a rough measurement, I come up with more the mini size)..:confused1: :nuts:

    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON Montsouris Mini Backpack bag LV AUTHENTIC (item 200042516480 end time Nov-06-06 18:35:19 PST)
  2. could it be the medium?
  3. Your Montsouris is MM size..the one that Fashionphile is selling is the Mini, which has the leather handle. MM and GM have metallic handle
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