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  1. I'm going to Montreal in a week with my family. We've been there a couple years ago and have been to most of the major attractions such as the Biodome, Botanical Garden, St Patrick's Basillica, etc.
    Is there anywhere else we could go? I've been through my not-so-helpful guide book and websites but I just can't find anything else! My brother is only 14 so anything that's kids friendly would be great.
    Also any suggestions on restaurants? I know Montreal is famous for smoked meat, and we've been to a place called Rubin's (I think?) and it was great but I thought we'd try somewhere else this time. Any other restaurants that's not too pricy?
    Many thanks in advance!
  2. Have a look in here:

    Also, the Old Port (Old Montreal) has lots of stuff to do for all ages ( ...
    Labyrinth (
    Science Museum, Archaeological Museum, etc.

    Have a look at the tourism webpage too:

    As for restaurants ... just walk around, you will find almost any kind of food.
    For smoked meat, you must go to Schwartz's (
    Ruben's is also good, but the real Montreal experience is Schwartz's
    If you like hamburgers, try Mister Steer
  3. What a lovely city!

    Have you visited the Olympics site? Or there are lovely gardens nearby (ack, I can't remember the name).

    Also, the visitors bureau lists many family-friendly things to do (select family friendly on this page):

    Lastly have you done a search in this subforum? I can think of several other threads with great information on visiting Montreal. Here are a couple to get you started:
  4. Thanks for the replies, I've read the thread called Montreal before starting this thread, how could I not, it was probably the first one on the list! However I did not find it so useful since it was mostly about shopping which I know plenty already..

    redney, thanks for finding the other thread for me, somehow that did not show up during my search but anyway thanks it was helpful!