Montreal meet??

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  1. Would anybody like a Montreal meet?

  2. Oh..i guess nobody :shrugs:
  3. :whistle:
  4. I am in Lafayette, La. but I will be in Quebec City this weekend, is there an LV there?
  5. ^No there is none. The only one official Louis Vuitton boutique is Ogilvy in downtown Montreal.

    Sure... we can meet up. I live a street away so if you guys plan to meet up, give a big shout out! lol

    I'm free in early July
  6. Well, this is a quick weekend trip but I will be back in QC end of June through early July also! I will send you a message if I am able to make it to Montreal during that trip!
  7. I just saw this! I live a block away from the boutique during school but during summer im in Tremblant 99% of the time if anyone wants to organize something let me know
  8. I just joined this forum and wondered if there was anyone from Mtl out there...I would meet up with you. I'm in Ottawa now, but my family still lives there. Good excuse to get a new bag!
  9. Im waking up this thread lol any Montrealers out there?? Im thinking lunch at Holts cafe :smile:
  10. ^Great idea! I didn't realize that this was a thread! Could work even better if we grabbed people from the Chanel and Hermes forums.
  11. I love Montreal! It's one of my favourite places to visit. I go there a bit to see my son who's in school and also with hubby on business trips. If I were there I would def do lunch with you guys and of course stop by LV! I prefer the SA's and shopping experience in LV Ogilvys much better than in Toronto. Have a fun lunch!
  12. How's the shopping there for US citizens? I havent been there in awhile but I'm going soon. Are there additional taxes on the prices shown on the LV Canadian website in the boutique? Thanks in advance.
  13. 15% tax. As for the shopping for US citizens, it would probably be a fairly good time to shop in Canada due to the strong USD.
  14. Thank you, I really appreciate the information!
  15. Taxes also vary wildly by province (e.g. 5% in Alberta, 15 in Quebec, 13 in Ontario).