MONTREAL Balenciaga Lovers UNITE!!

  1. I'm the only person in my entourage who owns Balenciaga or even knows the existence of them... Although my bf has been extremely supportive and can listen to me ramble on about Bbags with wonderful patience, I'm ceratin he's in desperate need of a break! ;) As I'm certain this is the case for many of us, I thought it would be nice if the Montreal Bbag lovers would come together and meet for either a coffee or a drink once a month. We could drool over each other bags, gossip about new colors and just have some plain old fun together :biggrin:

    Please Personal Message me if you want to join in on the gathering! This includes and welcomes anybody who is in passage through the Montreal area as well. I look forward to meeting all of you!

  2. Am I the ONLY Balenciaga enthousiast on TPF in Montreal?? :s
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    ME ME ME!! soon to be Montreal bbagger!!! :yahoo: sorry i do realise this thread is ancient.. but i couldn't leave a bbag girl hangin'. ;)
  4. OP probably got bored waiting for nearly 3 1/2 years ! :lol:
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    I KNOW!! ROFL don't even know if she's into bbags nemore!!

    but hey... gotta keep the bal love alive!! :happydance:

    btw, i know i don't post much around here nemore... but i'm watchin' u Bal old timers still ;) still got love for ya!:urock:
  6. Another Montrealer here!! I am getting my first Bbag next week. Do anyone of you have the satchel/hobo? That is the bag I am getting.
  7. je suis la!! got a city and a flat clutch within one month!! addictive!!
  8. ^^ i have the day... bal shoulder bags are SO comfy! i know i've used the heck out of mine... u'll love yours!
  9. Hello ladies! It seems wishes do come true! :woohoo: Of course I'm still into Bbags, mine is a true love that will endure. :heart: Thank you Orinoco for alerting me to new posts on this thread as I've been MIA for a while. covertanjou and liters welcome to the Bbag family! We should definitely get together and take our beauties out for a group flaunt.

    covertanjou are you getting a Day bag? I have 2 and I love them. So roomy yet uber comfortable on the shoulder.

    You girls seriously made my day!
  10. NO WAY! THIS THREAD MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!! orinoco i was going to msg earth.keeper too, haha! so ugh..i am TOTALLY down for a Bal meet up :yahoo:
  11. Hello everyone!

    I need your advice. I am look at getting a Day or the Courier. Any suggestions? I want a bag that is big enough to use for a travel bag. Do anyone of you have a Day or Courier?

    These are pictures of the Courier.

    I am definitely up for a meeting!
    P1010337.jpeg 4737154752_1b92c222d0_z.jpeg
  12. i don't have one, but perhaps the Balenciaga Reference Library can be of further assistance. i couldn't find the courier, maybe u can start the thread on it!
  13. Hi covertanjou,

    What do you plan on carrying in the bag? Clothes? Laptop? How much? In my opinion bags look better when they are not overstuffed and the leather has some drape. The Courrier is bigger than the Day and it can also be worn cross body whereas the Day is a shoulder bag. Do you do a lot of airplane travel? Have you had the opportunity to see both IRL and compare size?

    For the meet up where r u girls situated? I'm on the Plateau.
  14. ville st-laurent, but i'd go the distance for balenciaga! hehe
  15. Hi earth,

    I live in the east end (Anjou--hence the name!). I am open to meeting anywhere that is convenient for everyone. I work in St Laurent, so I am open to to coming to the Plateau.

    I want an every day bag that is good for travel. I am not planning on carrying my laptop in it. I that the Courier is too big and the Day too Now I am thinking of the city As you can see I am confused.

    I see you have two Days. Why do you like this particular bag?