Montorgueil with Griet's interior?


Apr 21, 2008
Dear all,

Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself a little bit. I'm Silvia from Laos and I'm kinda new here so i'm hoping a warm welcome from all of you here ^^"

I would like to ask for some opinions from you all about picking the new LV bag.
I'm about to buy one monogram canvas handbag for my mom on her 40th b'day
i've browsed through the website and was considering the montorqueil GM since it's plain and likely to suit my mom the most
however, i prefer to the interior of the Griet than the monty but i heard it was too heavy for everyday use.
is there any suggestion? since i rarely found one in the monogram canvas line with the interior like Griet, shall i go with the montorqueil one? or is there another one that has the interior like Griet? (with the middle zip.. etc)

it would be great if i can get a little advice from you all.. :smile:

thank you in advance :smile:

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Nov 16, 2007
Hi Silvia!

My advice would be to go with the Griet if interior storage is more important to your mom than how heavy it is. The Monty is considerably lighter than the Griet. There aren't many bags with the organization like the Griet. The Monty has a big open space for things to swirl around in.

Have you considered a Tulum PM or GM? Those have organization and not as large of a compartment for things to get lost in.


Apr 21, 2008
Hi Sarah,

thanks alot for your advice.
the Tulum looks good too but i've just called the store in bkk and they're running out of stock :sad:
so i think i may go with the griet as u said the organisation of the interior of the griet is quite different from the other. will see again til i get to the store.

many thanks to ur useful advice. =)

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Sep 10, 2007
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Hi Silvia

I have got the beverly GM and it is not heavy like the Griet. I think it would help if you let us know the height of your Mum..Would she prefer a shoulder carry like the new Galliera? I think the Monty is a very practical bag and most mothers should like it but it really depends on your mummy's style...For my mum, she would always prefer a lighter and more practical bag...anyway, I guess you know your mum best.