MontorGueil Vs. Speedy

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  1. hellooooo everyone!! :yahoo: *warning long post*

    aaaand i'm BACK in the LV forum!!! :supacool: ok, dilemma :

    I've got a Speedy 30, which i love DEARLY... it's been perfect for me in terms of looks + functionality, it's pretty versatile :yes:... my ONLY problem with it would have to be that it's just so... HANDHELD, kwim?? which is annoying during the winter becuase most times it's difficult to carry it at the crook of my arm with my coat and umbrella on. However.. the speedy IS THE CLASSIC, and it's a classic for a reason... its compact enough to look neat enough for a dinner night out, and it's still casual enough to use during the daytime, and u can stuff loads in it!!!
    but i have fallen in LOVE... with the new Montorgueil~!!! :love: mind u i've never seen it IRL (although i will this weekend), but it looks to me it might be all that a speedy is... and MORE! because u can carry it on the shoulder too!!!

    so... should i sell my speedy 30 and get it? i'm not the type to keep a 'redundant' bag + at this point, being in uni, i still can't afford to buy it just like that.

    Also... in terms of size, would you say the PM is equivalent to the speedy 25, and the GM the speedy 30? in terms of functionality, would u say the monty rivals the speedy? are there any flaws i should probably keep in mind? For those of u who owns one... how do u like using it so far??

    opinions please!!! :flowers: TIA EVERYONE!!!

  2. I would personally hold onto the Speedy and save for the Montorgueil.
  3. pm is definitely bigger than 25.. so close to capacity of 30... i think the speedy is a classic though.. so i think you should keep it. since montorgueil is a permanent piece you can always get it later when you have the money or when you are comfortable with getting it. all things said, keep your speedy!! hehe even though the monty is very functional and reasonbly priced, IMO it's not a classic/elegant bag (i don't mean to offend anyone here), it's more like a bag that's very down-to-earth and versatile, but definitely can't rival the speedy.
  4. keep the speedy! maybe save up for the monty?
  5. Keep your Speedy and get the Montorguiel when you can! I have both and love each one of them.
  6. I just bought the Monty PM..But I'm a MOM so can't do the Speedy..Wish I could. Enjoy the Speedy while you have no children (assuming you don't). Then you have to switch to MOM style shoulder bags.hehe.
    ENJOY!!!!! Will let you know though if you want, how the Monty PM is when I get it. SOO EXCITED!:woohoo:
  7. My thoughts on size: Monty PM definitely holds more than the Speedy 25. Even for me, a devoted Speedy 35 carrier, the Monty PM is just perfect.
  8. Like others have said - I would keep the Speedy and take my time to save up for the Monty. The Speedy is too much of a classic to sell!
  9. I would keep the Speedy and save up for the Monty.
  10. Keep your speedy. I like it SO much better than the Monty!
  11. I absolutely agree with the previous posts -DO NOT SELL YOUR SPEEDY - and just save up for the Monty. I just got back from the store myself, and saw them both. They're two different animals. I think you'd seriously regret selling your Speedy.
    All good things come to those who wait (and save!) :jammin:
  12. keep the speedy!
  13. Keep the speedy!
  14. definitely keep Speedy and save for Monty. Every girl needs a handbag and a shoulder bag!
  15. WOW~! wasn't expecting this answer!! :nuts:

    i guess its the whole 'grass is greener on the other side' thing... that's why i'm getting bored of my speedy :sweatdrop:

    How comfortable is it? anyone?