montorgueil question

  1. hello there
    anyone with the montorgueil? i am wondering if the gm is large enough to hold things for me (wallet or agenda, cosmetic pouch, sunglasses or glasses and a baby? (a couple diapers, changing pad, wipes, cloths)? thanks so much! i really want this bag and am thinking about getting it, but i always have to factor in whether or not my bags will hold things for a baby for now. :heart:
  2. Yes, it is. A very roomy bag and I have one. The size is bigger than speedy 30 with handles that are long enough for shoulders!
  3. thank you so much! :biggrin:
  4. I'm thinking of getting a montorgueil PM.. wondering if it will fit a 13.3" macbook laptop. Has anyone tried? Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  5. I got the GM to use as a diaper bag, it fits everything very well. But, the straps are a little too short and are not comfortable on the shoulder. I sold it and thinking about getting Toatlly MM or GM since the straps on Totally are much longer. I'm 5'6" medium size. Hope this help.
  6. bummer! this is a way TOO OLD thread :sad:
  7. ^yeah, looks like no one (but us) even notices this thread! :lol: the SA i spoke with said it would be impossible to fit a 13.3" macbook in the PM, so i'm thinking about the GM... but for a 5'2 size 2 chick? i dunno... the bag might just eat me up :cry:
  8. An update for those of you who're considering the monty PM/GM: The GM holds a LOT, even more than the speedy 30, and could hold my 13.3" Macbook, though cutting it quite close. Definitely can hold stuff for a baby. I ended up exchanging it for the PM because I didn't like the weight of my laptop in the GM, nor the distorted shape when I carried my lappy in it. The GM's straps hurt my shoulders too when I carried 5-6 pounds of stuff, because they're thin. The PM is perfect for me! Hope this helps anyone on a quest for a monty. :heart:
  9. I use my monty the bigger of the two not sure if it's pm or gm but I have the same issue, the straps are very thin and because I use it for university Its usually quite heavy, I Dont have a problem with distortion as I got a base shaper for mine. I am now saving up for the Galleria instead.
  10. For diaper bag, the NF would probably work better? The montorgueil doesn't look big enuf for baby stuff and laptops (unless a netbook).