Montorgueil price??

  1. I've heard a couple different prices for the Montorgueil so I'm not sure how much it's supposed to be (in USD$). Does anyone have any idea how much the GM is? Also what is the exact release date? Do you have to be on the waitlist to get one? Sorry if this was already posted, I'm not sure! THANKS!!
  2. GM is $805 not sure about the release date for the US but we have it already...just tried it on today at our LV store.
  3. really? I thought it was a little less like 700 something. That won't stop me from buying it! haha. thank you !
  4. In Hawaii the PM is $695 and the GM is $765 and it was released Feb. 1st. I believe it is being released in the other states on March 1st.
  5. The GM should be $765 in the rest of the states too then, no?
  6. Unfortunately, the continental U.S. is a little more than Hawaii. I've read from fellow TPF peeps that to LV, Hawaii is considered in a different region than the continental U.S., so that is why is it cheaper.
  7. Oh okay I see... thank you. :idea: Maybe I should move to Hawaii!
  8. yeah, just to add on to what peevenjo said, hawaii is considered part of the asian market since all LV boutiques in hawaii cater mostly to asian tourists.
  9. Release date is March 1.

    PM = $735
    GM = $805

    Only 1 week to go! Yay!!! :yahoo:
  10. the price of this bag is :nuts:
    maybe i should get one!!!

    btw i love your dog in your signature
  11. Thanks again everyone!
  12. Just received my Montorgueil PM on Valentine's Day. My husband purchased for me in the Maui, Hawaii (Shoppes of Wailea). Purchase price was $715...
  13. anyone have a picture of either of them? thanks
  14. This a pic of the GM. My DH got it for me for V-Day for $765 + tax.

    montor 1.JPG