montorgueil or galliera??? Which would you buy?

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  1. hi all -
    I am looking to make my first LV purchase for myself. I have received a LV recital a few years back as a gift so this is my first official purchase. I don't know which one to get though. So the question is montorgueil or galliera??? Which would you buy?
    Thoughts and suggestions from you all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. I have the Montorgueil but WANT the Galliera too. :smile: So I'm no help!
  3. I'm scraping together money for the Monty GM as we speak. I have to have a the Galliera won't work for me.
  4. Galliera PM, or Monty GM
  5. I like both alot.. get the Galliera first!
  6. these are going to be permanent pieces right?
    I haven't seen the Galliera in person - I have only seen the Montorgueil in person - I think I would get the PM instead of the GM if I get the Montorgueil. But I am also drooling over the Galliera.
  7. I like the Galliera PM over either of the Monty's
  8. i find the monty very bland. im not a fan. AT ALL.
    sorry. On the other hand the galleria is easily one of my most favorite new bags!
  9. Montorgueil because Galliera doesn't zip and that is a big issue for me in a city.
  10. Monty...I need a bag that zips!
  11. Ditto!!
  12. I like both, but I would say go for the monty first and then galliera second.
  13. i'm thinking the galliera, but i want to see them in IRL
  14. I like the Galliera more because of the lining, cell slot and snap pocket!
  15. I know is the Galliera going to be a perm piece?