Montorgueil in HK? Help HK Pfers!

  1. Im hoping to order one from a relative living there...Is this currently available in HK stores or is it waitlisted? How much is the PM & GM? Thanks!
  2. Worldwide release is in just a few days...March 1
    I would just call my store and wait list
  3. But isnt it out in asian countries already?
  4. Yes it's already out in HK. I'm not too sure about the price, sorry.
  5. would you know if its waitlisted?
  6. Let's move this to the shopping forum !

    For the price, you could probably just email the website.. they may not be able to help you on the WL status though.
  7. I'm not too sure about the stock levels right now, but I saw it in the Central & Lee Gardens store so it might not be w/l-ed or reserved.
  8. anyone else from HK with any info for me...please!!!
  9. *bump*
    anyone with more info?????
  10. just came back from HK. there are Montorgueil PM and GM display only in TST Canton Road store. they are all sold out and currently waitlist only. didn't check the other stores in HK for inventory. the price for PM is close to HKD $5800 if i remember correctly.