Month old mod pics and my little bal family :)

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  1. So I finally took a few pictures of my favorite new little guy in the world and a comparison/family shot :lol:

    The part time is perfect and the RH is so light compared to my work ! I love it ! Makes me want to get another one :graucho:

    Speaking of which... has anyone seen Evergreen in person ?? :nuts: I've been dreaming of a rich green lately :drool:

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  2. OH ! and I cheated on Bal with Cynthia Rowley... :whistle:
    Wrinkled patent leather ! :drool: It's the 'survivor tote' I snagged her on shopbop :graucho:

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  3. joey beans, you are so pretty with your gorgeous PT.:tup::heart:
  4. Both your duos are GORGEOUS!!! Love your RH PT on you!!!

  5. Your PT is stunning...and so are you! You look fab with it - congrats!
  6. Love your style joey beans!! Your modeling pics are fabulous - though, I would love to see some of the gorgeous Jaune Work :graucho::P!!
  7. Your Saf PT is gorgeous and looks great on you! :tup: The Jaune is gorgeous, too! The leather looks deliciously smooshy... :drool: Is it just me or do all Jaune Bbags seem to have amazing leather?? Anyway, congrats and enjoy your Bals!!
  8. smokin!!:tup:
  9. You look great with your Sapphire PT!
  10. Love your PT.. goreous and looks great on you.
  11. Nice to see you around here, Joey Beans!! You look so pretty with your bals!!!:yes:
  12. Both Jaune and Sapphire really complimnt you PERFECTLY.

    Love your dress sense too and I agree, your gorgeous!
  13. Gorgeous bag!! I also love your multi coloured bangle! Where did you get it?? :biggrin:
  14. Love your PT
  15. You look fantastic and so does that bag! =D