Montego or Oxford

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Which bag should RaeBelle get next?

  1. Montego

  2. Oxford

  3. Something else

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I've been bitten by the L.A.M.B. bug. I'm waiting for my new (hopefully mark free) Green Ombre Chain Mandeville to arrive. So, I thought why not consider the next purchase. I've narrowed it down to the Montego and the Oxford. Both look like lovely, roomy bags. But which should I get?

    Okay I'll probably get them both, but which should I get first?

    Your advice is so greatly appreciated it's not funny. My DH is getting annoyed with me :smile:
  2. I vote montego because I've heard from a few lambies that the oxford is really heavy. I think that they are both great shapes though.
  3. I also vote for the Montego. What I love about the Montego is that it feels lighter than the Mandeville but in my opinion holds more. Because the Montego is tall, the smaller pockets sit above the items in the main compartment instead of at the same it makes everything so much easier to find. I find that the Montego feels lighter too.

    I don't own an Oxford but I've played with it several times in the store. And yes, I find it to be very heavy. I'm not a huge fan of the three compartments either. They would help most people stay organized, but since I use a chameleon insert to organize my things and switch purses quickly I just prefer one main large compartment.
  4. i love the oxford. it is sooo different. I have both and its hard to say..the others said montego so i thought i would go against the grain.
  5. get the montego first.. then the oxford.. :lol:
    that's what i'm doing.. i bought the montego couple months back.. and now, still wanting an oxford..
  6. What print did you want next? I think some prints go with some shapes much better than others, so the decision depends a lot on the print.
  7. Oh there are so many choices for the next print. I'm thinking Saddle, Lipstick, Silver or Shadow (no particular order). I probably won't get them in the same print, so feel free to advise on which print is best for which bag.
  8. Personally I prefer the Montego in most prints, except Cheetah. I think it looks better on the Oxford for some reason.
  9. Montego!

    I love everything about that bag! And it's pockets inside are the best :smile:
  10. yeah, i agree with knasarae.. i think cheetah oxford is the most popular among all prints for that bag..
  11. ITA! The cheetah goes with the oxford really well.

    If you are deciding what print to get, I think you should scoop up a shadow montego if you can find one. If you can't, then just keep it at the top of the wishlist because everyone needs a shadow bag imo! You also need a lipstick and a saddle to complete your collection, but those have been on ebay a lot. ooooh a saddle that is a beautiful bag! :graucho:
  12. ^ and I forgot to add silver! Another must have for a lamb collection...oooh so many so little time! lol your collection is going to be huge in no time.
  13. I voted Montego. It's such a sweet shape and it's got those damn pockets inside that I love so much!!

    And ooooooooh! Lucky you on that Green Chain Ombre! I saw that IRL over vacation and it's sooooo pretty! I had no idea that the trim was actually a deep, deep blue. It's heavenly!
  14. I just bought a Silver Montego off eBay! I hope I love her
  15. ^ Awesome! :tup: Now we got to get you some Lipstick, Shadow, Saddle, Cheetah.......LAMB is such an addiction!