Montego or Commodore?

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  1. So i just bought my first L.A.M.B bag and I am already looking for my next purchase....I can't decide between a Montego or a Commodore since they both are way cute...anyone have any suggestions or pics of either they can post? Thanks!!
  2. Montego! it's such a great shape that i have 3 of them.. :lol:
    I think some of us lambies had slippage issues with commodore..
  3. Commodore. It holds a ton of stuff, has a comfy shoulder pad on the chain strap, and (so far) I have had no problems with it. It's a complement-magnet!
  4. The Commodore would be my first choice as I am a shoulder bag girl at heart...but I had major problems with keeping it on my shoulder. I have a Rasta Montego and it is one of my favorite all-time bags. I just feel like a superstar whenever I carry it!!! I would definitely get the Montego over the Commodore.
  5. I have both shapes and like them both for different reasons. I love shoulder bags and don't have any problems with the commodore slipping off of my shoulder. Like Knaz said somehow the montego shape just makes you feel like a rockstar when you carry it.
  6. Montego!:yes:
  7. I like the Montego 2
  8. I've had both, and I love the Commodore more. A bag that size, I just felt more comfortable with it over my shoulder. I've never had a problem with it slipping. I think it's super comfy. The Montego made me feel like I was carrying luggage. It's a gorgeous bag, though. The Commodore just has a bit more casual look, so it depends on what you're looking for.
  9. I know I already put my .02 in, but again....MONTEGO! lol
  10. Montego for sure
  11. Montego!
  12. Ditto!