Montebello, CA Coach Store?

  1. Have any of you So. Cal. girls visited the new Coach store at the Montebello Towne Center? It is now the closest to home for me, but I haven't gone yet. If you've been there, would you say it is a big store i.e, South Coast Plaza, or a smaller one i.e., Brea Mall?

    I may head over there tomorrow, but was just wondering what to expect.

  2. I'm going to Macy's in Montebello and will pop by to see. I'll post an update later tonight. I'm hoping the store is a good size and has a nice selection.

    This will be a closer store for me as well - only about 5 miles away!
  3. Excellent, thanks yvalenz! This new store is about 12 miles from me, as opposed to 14 to Brea. Not much difference, but I do hope they have a better selection. Thanks again!
  4. Sorry it took a while to post - it's outside Mervyns, and is a smallish store. They had the new Bleakers out, as well as some other new items (black/gunmetal and brown/bronze signature stripe totes, wallets, etc), lots of ergos, and a few legacy leather pieces. I'm glad I picked up the Leigh and Choc Leather Ergo at Glendale as they had none in this store. Not many suede pieces either, except for the patchwork.

    They also had the new catalogs next to the register - someone already posted pics here.

    Very Nice SAs - they seemed SO TIRED!! It was very busy. Lots of kids running around knocking over bags (which annoys me to no end!). There was a bunch of stuff going on at the mall overall and was super crowded.

    I'm hoping that weekdays won't be as crazy.
  5. Thanks so much for the info! I didn't make it there today, so I'll have to wait until next Friday when I have the day off. Thanks also for letting me know it's near the Mervyn's, I'll know where to park.

    Ugh, the running kids. There must be a baby-boom going on because everywhere I go, there are kids running around crazy:wtf:. Maybe it's just me, I have no kids, and therefore, haven't developed much tolerance to them.

    Thanks again, I look forward to checking it out next Friday!
  6. NOPE - definately not just you. I can't stand it. Not sure what it is, but they're everywhere!

    I "inherited" a daughter (step-daughter), but she was already 9, potty-trained, well mannered, and respectful when I got her.....she's 17 now. :nuts:
  7. Okay, I finally made it to the new Coach store in Montebello (CA) Town Center. The store was medium sized and pretty nice and the SA's were very friendly and helpful. I picked up a couple of things and they wrapped them beautifully and gave me gift receipts and a catalog without being asked. Good Coach experience!

    The mall itself is would be okay, but I swear I've never seen so many people with so many kids in one place in my life!! There were entire fleets of strollers, rude people, and stinky diaper kids rolling around on the floors. The one ladies' room I visited was disgusting and the mall had only been open for about two hours. Most of the mall patrons and clerks (not at Coach) I interacted with were speaking to each other, and to me, in spanish. Unfortunately, I do not speak spanish unless it's on a menu.

    Summary: The Coach store is nice, but I probably wouldn't visit that mall for anything else.

  8. I hate that mall. WHY? would they open a store in that location?
  9. ^^ I'm with you. I never go to that mall. I used to pass by it on my way home everyday and I would stop sometimes and would immediately regret it. I would prefer to drive over to Brea than go to Montebello.

    My mom and I were suprised when they said they were putting a Coach store in that mall. :yucky:
  10. ^^ Ditto! I prefer Brea, Glendale, or well, almost anywhere else!
  11. Exactly what I've been wondering...why that mall? I live near two much nicer malls that could really use a Coach store, wish they would have opened in one of those instead.

    This was my first visit to Montebello Town Center, and probably my last. I'll gladly continue to drive to Costa Mesa and Brea. Oh well, I tried:sad:.
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks they put it in the wrong location. Regardless I always shop at the one in the Grove on 3rd st. My favorite SA is the manager at that location.
  13. My friend thought the same thing. She said if they are putting one in Montebello, I think they would have done better putting it in Los Cerritos Center.
  14. who would put a coach store next to the kids play thingy?? just wondering..:nogood:

    i think they should put one in the santa anita mall... but oh well, you can't always have what you want... i will still go there though.. just not to often and only on weekdays early in the morning!:rolleyes:
  15. I completely agree!