Montblanc bags and pens

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  1. Hi, I just saw this article and thought it could be interesting :smile:

    Meisterstück: Masterpiece of the Century
    14 Jul 2016 at 17:17

    Montblanc expands its Meisterstück Soft Grain Collection with new functionalities and colours.

    The timeless leather piece collection commemorates over a century of steps of Maison Montblanc by continuing to expand and offering new functions to mark its 110th anniversary.

    The Meisterstück Soft Grain Collection is crafted from the finest Italian full-grain cowhide to define the soft touch of its leather and the functionality of the design. The collection offers a comprehensive choice of both large and small leather goods by balancing elegant aesthetics and functionality with smart storage solutions for evolving technologies and personal items.

    The array of the new elegance to suit multiple needs includes the single gusset briefcase with a new construction that enhances the softness of the material and comes with a satellite system and a sliding handle to conveniently hang the bag on a trolley bar. The double zip document case features separate compartments for a laptop and documents as well as the practical satellite system. The messenger bag unites contemporary design with buckles for a vintage feel, while the spacious duffel bag with matching functional wash bag is an ideal weekend companion for urban explorers. The soft-zipped top clutch and its travel companion with top handle complete the assortment of larger pieces.

    The latest smaller leather design offerings include men’s and women’s wallets featuring a practical pocket holder for carrying the three- and six-credit card wallets with a money clip, plus a version with a removable card holder. The wallet for the storage of eight cards, and the long wallet with zip around, are also featured in this collection of masterworks that provide larger storage solutions.

    As a tribute to the 110th Anniversary of the Maison, Montblanc introduces the removable luggage tag to complement the sumptuous new all-black style. This special edition tag in coral colour leather features a serpent, the cross-category design theme for the 110th anniversary collection, with the digits “1906 2016” below, celebrating Montblanc’s glorious 110-year heritage. As a powerful symbol of renewal and rebirth, the serpent evokes Montblanc’s pioneering spirit since 1906, pushing boundaries to continue to evolve its product offerings through over a century.

    Large or small, each new Meisterstück Soft Grain piece upholds the defining attributes of its fine lifetime design companions, simple lines and new functions for the digital era. The new Meisterstück Soft Grain is the perfect example of how Montblanc is infusing its elegant heritage with contemporary style, giving rise to new masterpieces that are irresistible to every luxury-loving individual.

    Tracing the trail to this masterpiece collection from Montblanc, Meisterstück has long embodied fine writing culture. Ever since the exceptional craftsmanship originated over 90 years ago, it has defined superb writing experiences. From fountain pens to ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils to ink and other writing accessories, unique character and outstanding functionality make these fine writing instruments distinctive tools of pure self-expression.

    Every luxurious touch of the Montblanc Meisterstück Collection translates tradition into contemporary sophistication.

    Hugh Jackman presents: The Montblanc Story – Pioneering since 1906. For the pioneer in you.

    Montblanc 110 Years Anniversary in NYC with Hugh Jackman, Charlotte Casiraghi and Kate Bosworth

    Making-Of: “The Montblanc Story” with Hugh Jackman – Pioneering since 1906. For the pioneer in you.




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  2. I'm a Montblanc fan, and I think this brand deserves much more attention. I really like the new soft grain duffelbag. I recently bought a Montblanc briefcase in brown Sartorial leather, and so far I'm very satisfied. The leather is a durable leather similar to LV's Taiga leather and Burberry London leather. Now I'm looking for a new messengerbag, and I concider the one on the pic below. My only concern is the flap. Is the magnet strong enough to keep the flap on place? I do also have a Meisterstuck Classique platinum ballpoint pen, and a leather belt.
    20160720_090405-1.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-25-10-46-48-1.png 20160718_144032.jpg
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  3. Been waiting to see Montblanc get some attention and back into the game. Only montblanc I have was the boheme bleu pen as a graduation gift. I do love that leather though.

    I can see with that duffle, the contemporary meets classic aesthetic they are going for. I cant wait to see how it goes. I would love that as a travel weekender or for school.
  4. If the closure is magnetic snap, it is possible to keep it closed than a magnetic touch tab (if thats whats its called). Depends on if you stuff it enough or have mostly documents and other little knicksknacks :]
  5. I looked at the smaller version at my local Montblanc retailer (they didn't have the regular size in stock), and the magnet seemed quite weak. I suppose the bigger version has 2 magnets, so that will probably help.
  6. Ahh thats a good solution, 2 better than 1 :smile:
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  7. My Meisterstuck Classique ballpoint pen and pouch at work today.

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  8. Lovely! I have the same pen which I use at work (nobody is allowed to borrow it!) - also this one which goes everywhere with me.
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  9. Very nice! The Montblanc bens are classic timeless pieces that will last a lifetime.
  10. Mont Blanc makes such beautiful products. Pens might be what they're famous for but their leather goods are great too.
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  11. Glad I found this thread.

    I have a $300 MrPorter gift card and need to buy a wallet for SO. I have heard good reviews about Montblanc. So I'm thinking buy a billfold wallet for my SO on
    There are not many options on the website. I personally like the look of this one:
    I went to my local Montblanc store and SA showed me the most popular one which is called westside leather. It is similar look to the Sartorial but MrPorter just doesn't have it.
    I'm debating if I should get the Sartorial leather from Anyone has any experience with this one? Would you recommend it?
    Thank you!
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  12. It looks great. I'm going to buy this wallet next month on my trip to London, but in brown. I have a briefcase in this leather, so I know it's good quality. I'm also concidering the key ring (pic below ) :smile:
  13. Thank you Dorf! That's helpful!
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  14. My Montblanc Sartorial leather briefcase and Meisterstuck pen at work today :smile:
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  15. Gorgeous