Montaigne Questions

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  1. I've searched the forum and can't really find the answer to my questions.

    I am considering getting a Montaigne. I'm curious about the size compared to the woven campana. Is it alot bigger? I'm 5'4" (1.6 m) and 130 lbs(59 kg), would it overwhelm me? Can it be used as an every day bag? Is it too boxy?

    I really like the photos I've seen of the bag, but I haven't seen anything that gives me a good feel for the size.

    Any thoughts or insights are welcome.

  2. It definitely looks bigger and boxier than the campana since the campana is flatter side to side than the montaigne.
  3. If you want to actually compare, the Mazza store has the Campana in Ebano. I thought they had the Montaigne but I could be remembering incorrectly.
  4. I've never compared them side by side, but the Montaigne feels about an inch to two inches longer and about an inch taller

    just my guesstimates
  5. I just whipped out the measuring tape:

    Width (measured side to side): 12.5"
    Height (not including handles): 7"
    Depth: 6"

    These are all +/- about 1/2 inch, as the bag squishes a bit at the corners. It's quite capacious and would work as a day bag if you don't carry a whole load of large stuff. Mine's in Magnolia and it's been so wet and sloshy around here that I haven't yet taken it out for a spin, so I can't tell you how much it sags when fully loaded, etc. But when empty, it maintains its boxy shape with some relaxing at the corners.

    And you can adjust the handle drop and sling it over your shoulder.

    You can enlarge it a bit at the top by undoing the folded-over section at the sides, but I've never done that.
  6. Can anyone with a Montaigne tell me if the straps slip off your shoulder due to its boxy shape? I'm considering getting one and have always found 2-strap shoulder bags to be a problem if they are boxy b/c the outer strap keeps falling off your shoulder.
  7. Hi dc-girl it's nice to see another Washingtonian on the forum.
  8. Hi dc-girl, welcome to the BV board. Whilst I do not own a Montaigne (as yet), I have tried the bag on and I do have the Campana which is dual straps. It is typically the case it's hard to keep the double strap on the shoulder at all times, even if the bag is not boxy. A tip would be to place one strap on top of the other, this way it would prevent the other strap from slipping off easily.

    Montagine is a gorgeous bag, and the straps can be lengthened and the flaps at the side released to become a tote bag!
  9. I'm relatively new to BV but already have FOUR Montaignes (although only two so far in my chubby little hands) so I clearly love the style! The outer of the two straps can indeed fall off the shoulder, but hooking it over the other one seems to take care of that completely. It can be a bit snug on the shoulder with a winter coat on, but not impossible. And although the bag looks boxy from the side, it does "smoosh" down nicely when it is on the shoulder so it isn't like carrying a big box under there! I am obviously biased about the Montaigne but I really do think it is a great style!!!
  10. Thanks to everyone, especially BookerMoose the Montaigne expert. I love the idea of something that converts from a shoulder bag to a tote so I am thinking this will be my next purchase. This may have convereted me from my small/medium classic veneta seeking.

    One more Montaigne question - the style seems to shine in colors, however, I'm thinking of getting it in black. Anyone have strong thoughts about the black?

    Also, hello to all the DC-area folks that seem to be in this Thread and on tPF in general. Who knew?!
  11. Me again! One of the two Montaignes I have now is black (nero) and I love how the weave gives something that can otherwise be kind of blah (yet ANOTHER black bag) SO much texture and depth. Pictures don't really do it justice - it really is a wonderful look.

    My other current Montaigne is noce (medium brown) and I love it as well, but it is a very different look than the black. The two Montaignes I am waiting to get are a bianco (white), which I know is totally impractical but I had to have it, and then most recently a carmino (red). I am hoping that each will have as different a character from the others as do the nero and the noce! But the nero definitely has its own wonderful style!
  12. This bag is a beauty! It does create a lovely classic look when carried and in a somewhat boxy look. The boxiness is not bad because the BV comes off as elegant in this style. I am shorter than you and it really workd for me appearance wise.

    It DOES slip off your shoulder! That is the negative for me. You can cross the straps, but it isn't perfect and still is not the best. I looked at it like it is a gorgeous "handbag" that can convert IF you ever need it, but it definitely does not sit well on the shoulder. I would not buy it if I wanted a great bag for my shoulder because it would disappoint.

    One thing I do love is that it is somewhat structured without being stiff. I also love the tiny deatailing.
  13. bprimuslevy-sorry for a brief hijack but how do you feel about the lindy? how does it compare to the montaigne or the campana. still loving the lindy but haven't taken the plunge. thanks and sorry.
  14. I'm bummed - my bianco Montaigne arrived today in Vancouver - only problem is that I'm in Toronto. DH says it looks wonderful - I guess I'll just have to take his word for it until I get back Wednesday and can see for myself. And yes, I will put together the perfect hound/Montaigne shot to show the wonderful colour coordination between the beagles and the BVs!!

    It is late but I am still on Vancouver time and can't sleep and there is nothing on TV and this stupid hotel doesn't even have a mini bar (what is up with that?!) so I can't even get a snack to pass the time. And did I mention that I REALLY want to see my new Montaigne. I want to go HOME.
  15. ^ Poor BookerMoose, at least you had internet access, and tPF! Safe trip home.