Montaigne question

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  1. I have my first of two BVs coming this week. One is the Montaigne. The straps on this bag are adustable so I'm wondering if anybody has adjusted the strap to it's furthest point and was able to get the bag over the shoulder? and if so then how does it look on the shoulder? It's just that I would like the option to fling it over my shoulder if I need my hands free for whatever reason.
  2. The Montaigne will fit over my plump shoulder and I can carry it there - although it is more something I do when I temporarily need my hands free rather than to carry it there for any extended period of time. It looks fine on the shoulder (I think), but with the double handles it doesn't necessarily stay put as snugly as one would like in a perfect world. So I would classify it as primarily a satchel style that can be carried on the shoulder in a pinch - rather than a full-fledged shoulder bag.

    So what colour Montaigne is on its way to you?! And what is the other BV on its way to you?!?!?!
  3. My mom carries her montaigne over her shoulder most of the time, and she's quite a plump person. Looks ok to me! :tup:
  4. I can fit the montaigne on my shoulder on the tightest point on the strap - it fits snuggly but comfortably. I havent noticed it slipping off my shoulder. I wouldnt be able to wear it with a jacket, coat etc or anything a little thick though without loosening the strap. I like how it looks on my shoulder as well. But for me the reason I went for the montaigne as my first BV was because I felt the style was so versatile. I like the more structured look and my general preference is for bags with 2 straps - so the montaigne ticked all those boxes.
  5. Thank you for replies! It's good to know I have that option. My bag should be here on Wednesday or Thursday. I got the baltic blue montaigne. I don't have blue bag in my collection. I'm also waiting for a the foldover clutch in dark brown. I managed to grab this off the Fashionphile website last week.
  6. The baltic is beautiful! It is a blue grey that can look more blue, or more grey depending on what you wear. You will love it!
  7. please post photos in the action shots or whereever when you get them! cannot wait to see. fashionphile is super!
  8. Many congrats on your gorgeous montaigne. My niece carries her montaigne on the shoulder with no problems. It actually looks nicer on the shoulder with the sides down, less boxy. Please post piccies when your baby arrives.