montaigne pm

  1. hi all -

    i bought a montaigne pm and for some reason, i am just not in love with the black epi. love the bag though, i think. i do need something in black from lv. does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on what i can where profesionally that will match black?

    or any other thoughts if i do decide to return/exchange this bag? i keep looking at it and i love it but i haven't been excited enough to wear it and haven't used it. (totally unlike me...)

    many thanks!!
  2. hi, stephanie! i have the montaigne PM in black and i use it EVERYWHERE - to the grocery, shopping or the office! i agree it doesnt look so striking but i believe that was the point when i purchased mine - so i can look classy and at the same time wear something designer without being too flashy or something that most people would readily recognize. most people would not even know it is LV!

    try it on for a few more days. if you find that you're not really happy with it, then try another color. white or red
  3. thanks -- i needed your post... i love it in ivorie but the black just seems so harsh for me... necessary but harsh.
  4. hhmmm.... looks like you want to be subtle and discreet about it! so i'm guessing it's for wearing to work.....

    the white is so lovely! but i'm not sure i'm the perfect person to take care of something white! i don't baby my bags but i try to be careful with them.

    felt the same way when i got home coz i felt that it looked drab i almost brought it back. it doesnt even look good in pictures or photograph well. i suggest not to look at it alone - but WITH your classy office outfit or other accessories. :tup:

    here's mine so you can drool over and appreciate your $$$ bag
    TPF13.jpg TPF40.jpg TPF9.jpg
  5. i think you nailed the issue - your white mc is stunning, the black is fine... and you want to have bags that are wow!! but a basic black is just that... i suppose. i will look again tomorrow.

    thanks so much!!
  6. I think that is a great bag! I want one in red!
  7. thanks for the reassurance -- i love it in red and ivory -- the black is hard. i just keep wondering if i would be better with a jasmin or another bag. decisions... decisions...
  8. I love that bag.. I say give it a try
  9. thanks!!
  10. If you just aren't feeling it I would return it. But maybe look at it some more and see if you are feeling the vibe or not. I have it in ivoire and just love it in that color. Maybe you'd like it in that color better if the black is just not doing it.
  11. If you dnt feel it. then you can just exchange it with something you like.
    How abouth Suhali Le Talenteux in Black? it's very elegant and classic:yes:
  12. I think too that in black it's very hard and masculine. Maybe the Lockit in black would be a bag for you? The Jasmin too is a great bag in black and not to forget: the ALMA!
  13. I have her in ivorie as well and love her! The ivorie looks so feminine and so easy to maintain-just wipe .
    I plan on using her all thru the year. Maybe the black just doesn't "send" you-try another style, I want an alma someday-in black or red.
  14. If you're not loving it now, I would return it. Maybe you can try another color or a different bag. Good Luck!!
  15. Part of the problem is that this is not a great time to be wearing a black bag. Once the seasons change and you put on a winter coat and little jackets and jeans that black bag is going to look super classy. I have the speedy 25 in the black epi and it looks great with my fall and winter clothes. But if your not loving it you should change it.