Style Montaigne - PICS ONLY!!!

  1. Please post any photos of your authentic Bottega Veneta Montaigne here.
    Please indicate the style, size if applicable (i.e., med, large, mini, maxi) color name, color code, leather type, season and year of the bag you are posting. It is also valuable to include measurements in inches HxWxD, strap length or handle drop. This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. Ebano Montaigne, 2007 (A/W?), Nappa, 7" H x 12" W x 6" D, adjustable handles ~ 7.5" drop. 173398/V00A2/2040


  3. carmine montaigne (autumn/winter 2007), nappa, 173398 V00A2 6210
    montaigne indoors.JPG montaigne outdoors top.JPG montaigne outdoors side.JPG montaigne converted.JPG
  4. club stripe montaigne, nero, corallo (favourite), carmino :smile:
    HK BV1.jpg HK BV2.jpg HK BV3.jpg BV Montaigne.JPG
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  5. oceano blue, nappa, s/s 08
    DSC00977.JPG DSC00980.JPG DSC01031.JPG
  6. Carmino Montaigne. Fall/Winter 07. Code 173398/V00A2/6210
    DSCN1461.JPG DSCN1462.JPG
  7. Bianco Montaigne. Spring/Summer 07. Code 173398/V00A2/9000
    DSCN1463.JPG DSCN1464.JPG
  8. Nero Montaigne. Fall/Winter 07. Code 173398/V00A2/1000
    DSCN1465.JPG DSCN1466.JPG
  9. Noce Montaigne. Fall/Winter 07. Code 173398/V00A2/2510
    DSCN1467.JPG DSCN1468.JPG
  10. Cassis Montaigne. Code 173398 V00A2 6401
    DSCN1089.JPG DSCN1091.JPG
  11. Limo Cocco Lave Montaigne

  12. Oceano Montaigne Resort 2007/8, t-strap origami detail sandals

  13. Finally got down to doing this!
    Striped Montaigne, FW 2007 (I think), 12' x 7' x 5.5'. Nappa leather. :heart:
    Second photo taken with flash, the others in natural light in room.
    Montaigne1.JPG Montaigne2.JPG Montaigne3.JPG

    NERO MONTAIGNE FALL/WINTER 2007 173398 V00A2 1000

    DSCF1511_40%176kb.JPG DSCF1573_42%176kb.JPG
  15. Oceano Montaigne, Cruise 07, blue suede lining, Code 173398 V00A2 4510.
    oceano front flash.jpg oceano front no flash.jpg ocean inside flash.jpg