Montaigne Milano Club Stripe red/coral on presale?

  1. Has anyone seen this bag available on pre-sale? I really, really want it and would love to find the number of a shop or BV store that will send it to me here in Toronto. If a private message is more appropriate for this post, can someone please PM me with the info?

    Thank you!
  2. OK, I called the SF store myself and spoke to Samuel (who posts here and couldn't have been nicer) and YES!!!! They have it and it IS going on sale .... and mine will be here next week!!!:yahoo:

    Now .... how I explain the sudden preponderance of Bottega bags to my husband is a different story altogether .... but I'll deal with that next week!
  3. congratulations! please post pics of the bag when it arrives!
  4. OMG what was the price! I am coming to SF for a visit this week!
  5. mistikat-that's so great. congrats. maybe there will be something else on sale to go with your new bag.
  6. It's going on sale Friday for $2450, I believe, 30% less than the regular price. I will have to pay customs duty (bah humbug) but it's still going to cost way less than the one they have here in shades of brown - which is sitting at full price for $4900 with no sale in sight.
  7. Thanks, annie9999 - but this is my fourth piece of BV in a little over a month (even typing that is making me sweat a little!) so I don't think there's any more in my immediate future!
  8. that's great mistikat...I got the same bag last month in Hong Kong at full price and I'm lovin it!!! :heart:

    you are getting it at a steal at this price...well done!

    I am with you on the BV bug...once you catch it, it's very hard to shake off...
    believe me, there's more BV out there waiting for you...esp. with the new season stuff coming in :p
  9. mistikat Congrats!!!! :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo: Can't wait to see your pics! This montaigne is so special. :love:
  10. Thanks, Mystiletto! Do you have the Montaigne? This will be my first (I'm no competition to Booker_Moose!) I just noticed that the same bag in the three shades of brown is also on sale for the same price at Saks online.....

    I'm really happy I'm getting it.... but I got some 'splainin' to do when it gets here!!!
  11. Sounds familiar mistikat. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has gone over the edge - but at least yours are not all the same bag just in different colours!! This one is absolutely beautiful too - after all it is a Montaigne!!!
  12. No I don't but I'm lovin' everyone's montaigne! :heart: It is so ladylike and elegant. :girlsigh: I keep eyeing the croc one.....sigh if only :sweatdrop:
  13. Well, BookerMoose, you can now add the Club Stripe in red AND brown since they're both on sale!!!;)

    Did you get your red Montaigne from Bluefly yet?

    And Mystiletto, the croc is pretty fabulous. But that one is also definitely an "if only" for me, too!
  14. hey bookermoose, glad to see that you nabbed that carmine montaigne from bluefly... it was SO tempted but it doesn't work out for me after i pay the extra international shipping and tax. please post pics... i will be eagerly awaiting! :woohoo:
  15. Stop it!!! I am sooooo on a ban right now after this four Montaigne month and a bit... But I do love the one you got...

    And mistikat and armcandyaddict - I haven't gotten my carmino Montaigne from Bluefly yet, but they did send me a shipping confirmation Monday with a 3-5 business day delivery estimate. So it could be any day now!

    For now I am just enjoying my bianco Montaigne which arrived on Monday but I didn't see until today when I got back this afternoon from Toronto. And I love it! It is hard to believe that a white bag could have so much depth to it. And it has such a different character than the noce and nero. I love them all and can't wait until my Montaigne family is complete (for now) when the carmino arrives. Pictures to come soon - too! Not sure if I am up yet for human action shots, but there definitely wil have to be some beagle ones to show how well the beautiful noce, nero and bianco match my beautiful tricolour hounds!